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So, you want some more bags huh?

I've got you covered.



  • 2 Tiers of bags in 16(!) different colors at your disposal.
  • A magical void bag. Put stuff in it, and it will disappear :O ( USE WITH CAUTION!)
  • An ender bag. Linked to your ender chest (Sort of magic)
  • Ender bag can pick up items when they are mined (Put in secondary hand. Change mode with shift + right click)
  • The ability to blacklist (or whitelist items)
  • Able to add bag descriptions in config (In case colours confuse you) https://github.com/lorddusk/Bagginses/wiki/Bag-Descriptions



Where are all my bags? Check your config

I only see 3 bags? Check your config

I have an error? Check your config, then check GITHUB 


Check the config on how to whitelist/toggle bags.


Game Analytics:

We do anonymously track usage statistics in order to help us improve the mod and see which parts are being used. If you do not want this then click here to learn how to disable it


Video (If you need help):