Auto Whitelister

2,797 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 25, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.10

Overall :

Its a server side only mod. Boot it once. Go to the config it created and fill in all your database properties.

It will automaticly add anyone in the database to the whitelist and reloads it afterwards.
It will do this on server load and every x minutes you input in the config file.

Mysql :

If you have a mysql database with IGN's for all people you want to add to a server, and are your tired of adding it manually?

Well look no further, because I have the mod for you!

Also make sure you have a mysql connector .jar in the libraries folder of the server
(get it here :

(Please make sure you only select ONE column for the name, otherwise it breaks)

Twitch :

If you are a partner and you have a subscriber server, you kind of need to use the existing bukkit plugin.

I just changed that for you. You can use the new Auto Whitelister with added support. You run the mod once, to let it generate it's config, you toggle twitch to true, input your twitch id. (get it here : ). And it will auto whitelist for you!

Text :

Just give the full path to the whitelist file you are using into the config and it will run for you!


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