Aesthetic Effect

553 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 30, 2017 Game Version: 1.12

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Aesthetic Effect is a mod that adds a bunch of small utilities that you can use to create an array of different visual effects. It adds a hologram projector that allows you to create 3D objects that can be colored or textured however you like, a set of lamps that generate a number of ambient effects around them like fog or increased brightness, a fully customizable particle generator, and a sound generator.


Note: This is in beta right now so I suggest you don't use this for survival gameplay or modpacks. Most of the features haven't been added.


A WIP wiki can be found here.



  • You CAN NOT repost, redistribute, or claim you made the mod.
  • You CAN include this mod in modpacks, as long as you give credit to me. This means you can package the mod with your modpack files, overriding the above term as long as you don't claim you made the mod or charge money for the mod.
  • You CAN use portions of code from this mod in your mod, as long as you give credit to me.
  • You CAN NOT copy, use, or redistribute the assets of this mod. Assets include textures, sounds, and models.

Violators of these terms will be executed.


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