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2,450 Downloads Last Updated: May 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

What this Mod does

Mod with shredder, ducatium, awesomnium and depressnium to make some cool blocks and gear.

You can shredder Items to gain awesomnium-particles, make awesomnium matter out of them and craft new deco blocks at the awesome shop.

It also includes many pillars which you can craft with basic vanilla-materials, a trashcan that destroys your items and crystallum. A colorful source of solid glass to build with.

Look into the Screenshots to see some examples.


The new Shredder-Machine for more Awesomnium
Newest Updates:
Update 1.5.1: More pillars to build and some optimization including waterlogging of pillars
Update 1.5.0: Added the Shredder and Awesomeshop to make cool things out of awesomnium particles. Also a new trashcan.

Mod Requirements

It only requires Forge (forge:1.16.4-35.1.0+)
At the moment there is a known bug, that the lamps dimmer function doesn't work if you have Optifine installed! Please consider removing it to use Awesome Shop.


Get Started

I created a very short step to step instruction on how to get started with the basics of this mod. See here:



Common Questions:

Why doesn't this Mod have ...?

Please request your Features and Blocks here:


Will this Mod be down-/upgraded to Forge 1.xx.xx?

For now it will only exist in 1.16.4. A version for 1.17.x is planned but will not be available on time of release.


Why do the lamps don't make light?

If you use Optifine together with this Mod, thats a known issue. Please install Optiforge together with Optifine and Awesome Shop to fix this problem that Optifine produces.
If you don't use Optifine together with this mod, please open a new issue here.
THIS WILL NOT ALWAYS FIX THE PROBLEM. Optifine does change anything I dont know yet about lighting. If you have Ideas, create an issue with it please ^^




Bugs and Feature Requests go here:

GitHub Project:



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