Awakened Bosses

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Adds a Fun New Boss to the Game "Herobrine"

Herobrine is a very difficult Boss and It's recommended to fight him with Maxed Netherite Armor

Herobrine is summoned into the world and can be fought many times

Herobrine has some Powerful and Fun Loot Drops, Armor and Tools better than Netherite.





250 Health (125 Hearts)

8 Attack Damage

At different stages of the Fight(When Herobrine Health gets lower) he starts Equiping Armor

Herobrine Also Gets a Sword at very Low Health

Herobrine Enchants his armor near the end of his Health (Level depending on Difficulty)

Spawns Minions(Amount depending on Difficulty) - After 75% Health - Doubles after 50% Health

Herobrine Recover 1% HP every Tick when Player is more than 35 Blocks away


Herobrine Minion Stats:

All Minions are 1 Hit Kill

Herobrine Minion - Normal Speed - Drops more Herobrine Nuggets

Prowler - Normal Speed - Explodes on Death

Reeker - Very Fast - Very Weak

Mahva - Flies and shoots dark projectiles


Most Textures for the Mod were made by Sonic from my Discord



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