Avaritia neutronium addon

3,758 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod add some neutronium items for avaritia.


But crafts. I can't add crafts. Please make crafts in MineTweaker script upload in google drive or other site and write link for download in comments.


Items level 1 hasn't effect but you can upgrade them with neutronium crystal level 2. this cristal can upgrade items and stabilize unsable items. Stabilize unstable items can neutronium crystal level 1.

Neutronium body level 2 has fire resistance effect. Neutronium helmet level 2 has night vision effect. Neutronium pants level 2 has speed effect. Neutronium boots level 2 has jump boost effect. Neutronium sword level 2 has regeneration effect and neutronium multi tool level 2 has regeneration effect too.

In MineTweaker script I fix neutronium block craft and craft will other from 9 neutronium ingots  you craft unstable neutronium block. with this block you can craft unstable neutronium ingots. with ingots you can craft unstable tools but there explosive and has 5000 use. And with neutronium crystal level 2 you can craft neutronium block.


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