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A Minecraft mod adding customizable vehicles.

Automobility is currently in BETA!
The mod isn't feature-complete, and any feature requests would be greatly appreciated. Discuss features on the mod's GitHub Discussions page, or in the Discord


Available for Fabric/Quilt and Forge

  • Requires Fabric API (Fabric) or QSL (Quilt)
  • No additional mods needed on Forge
  • Please click on Files at the top of the page to see all versions for all mod loaders
Currently maintained for version 1.20/1.20.1, older versions are retired


Getting Started

  • Recipes: Crafting recipes can be viewed using EMI (Fabric/Quilt) or JEI (Forge).
  • Automobile Parts: Craft an Auto Mechanic Table. Use the GUI to craft the frame, engine, and wheels for your automobile. You can optionally craft an attachment.
  • Creating your Automobile: Craft an Automobile Assembler, as well as a Crowbar. Place parts on the assembler until the vehicle is complete. Use a crowbar to destroy the vehicle.
  • Enhancing your Automobile: Use your Auto Mechanic Table to craft attachments, which can be placed on your Automobile to add exciting functionality or utility.
  • Building: You can use Slopes, Dash Panels, Off-Road tiles and more to build roads, racetracks, or obstacle courses.

Automobile Construction Automobile Types


  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Brake/Reverse/Burnout
  • A/D - Steer left/right
  • Space - Drift

Controller Support: when using MidnightControls, you will be able to control automobiles with the following default controls:

  • A - Accelerate
  • B - Brake/Reverse
  • LStick - Steer left/right
  • RTrigger - Drift