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Basically, AutoMessage is responsible for adding an option to create and send messages automatically in a fast and effective way. To do this, it adds a configuration file that can be modified from start to finish by the player, and that, for example, will allow them to promote their social networks when starting a game, or simply thank them for downloading.

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This mod is intended for two types of people, either the creators of mod packs, or on the other hand, the creators of multiplayer servers, since it is in charge of facilitating the sending of automatic messages.

These messages are easily customizable, through the new file that will be generated when running the mod for the first time. Among other things, you can choose the text, the color or even the links.



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How do you configure this mod?

An example would be the following:

["AutoMessage Configuration"]
MESSAGES = ["§2Thank you very much for downloading AutoMessage§f", "§cDon't worry, this message will not appear again.§f"]
INTERVALS = [5, 5]
LIMITS = [1, 1]
LINKS = ["https://www.curseforge.com/members/lupiiin_/projects", "https://www.curseforge.com/members/lupiiin_/projects"]
HARD LIMITS = [1, 1]

A more detailed explanation...

The message is obviously the text that will appear on the screen, several texts can be put on different lines, separated by commas, and opening and closing with quotation marks. Color codes and guide: https://www.codewizardshq.com/minecraft-color-codes/
The interval is the time that will pass until the message is displayed on the screen.
The soft limit is the number of times the message will be sent in a single session.
The hard limit is the number of times the message will be sent for the lifetime of the player.
In links, a link should be placed if necessary.

An Important Note...

The values you place in your Soft Limit and Hard Limit configuration are tracked individually for separate worlds. For Modpack Developers, this means your message will be repeated if the player creates a new world. For Server Owners, this means that resetting your world will cause the messages to be repeated as well.

Compatibility Issues

Other mods which change player data extensively may be causing compatibility issues.
The following mods are currently incompatible:
- LabyMod

Does it work on servers?

Sure! It works perfectly! Remember that the best way to play with mods and friends is with BisectHosting, and by clicking on this link you can get a 25% discount.

Can this mod be used in modpacks?

Of course! As long as it is published only on Modrinth or CurseForge. Uploading it to any other platform would be violating our rights and is not allowed at all.

However, we are really grateful if you consider adding it to your Modrinth or CurseForge modpack. If you need any small changes or have any questions, contact us!