Automated Redstone

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Filename AutomatedRedstone-1.11.2-5.1.2.jar
Uploaded by Cd4017be
Uploaded Nov 6, 2017
Game Version Java 9
Size 286.79 KB
Downloads 156
MD5 7bd120b9e8026d8838c75c2c8a4fa44c
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions



  • added block: Item Valve
  • added circuit module: Fredkin-Gate
  • display color can be changed now
  • multiple displays can be connected with each other now (so you don't need the ugly digit skipping anymore)
  • CircuitDesigner shows less wires in total when not in "show all" mode
  • removed special sneak placement for some blocks (it was sometimes anoying)
  • fixed displays showing negative redstone signals incorrectly
  • fixed OpenComputers integration of Bit Splitter Wire
  • fixed switch module with single bit input causing circuit to go ERROR
  • fixed crash in CircuitDesigner when trying to add modules to an already full board


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