Automated Crafting

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 This mod is for the Fabric logo Fabric Mod Loader and 

Fabric API for Minecraft 1.15.2 

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It's required the mod be installed on both client and server. 

Clients connecting to a server with this mod should have the same configurations as those on the server, otherwise the mod won't work correctly. 


Automated Crafting adds a single block: the Automated Crafting Table

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Basically, you insert items (with hoppers and droppers) so that a recipe pattern is in its inventory, then give it a redstone signal and it crafts the recipe. 

It has several configs:

- simple mode (default = true)

- enable quasi-connectivity (default = false)

- redirect redstone dust (default = false)

- craft continuously while powered (default = false)

- comparator reads 15 when output slot isn't empty (default = false)

These configs can be changed either using Mod Menu (if it's installed), or by editing '.minecraft/config/automated_crafting.json'


At 2:33 of this showcasebstylia14 demonstrates simple mode. 

Non-simple mode is very similar to the autocrafter ilmango showcases here


For a comprehensive explanation of each config option, visit this wiki page.


Here is the recipe. Any stripped wood or logs may be substituted for those shown. 



I've made some resourcepacks that make the textures behave slightly differently, download them here.


If you'd like to translate Automated Crafting (there are only a few lines of text), follow this link. New translations will be added once approved without the mod needing an update thanks to CrowdinTranslate.

Current translations: see the project on Crowdin


This mod is only for Fabric and I won't be porting it to Forge. The license is MIT, however, so anyone else is free to port it.

I'd appreciate links back to this page if you port or otherwise modify this project, but links aren't required.


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