Auto Clicker (Fabric)


Auto Clicker (Fabric)

Quick and dirty Auto Clicker mod for Fabric(mc)

GitHub license


  • Auto click (hold & spam) for Right and Left click
  • Support for AFK farms when respecting cool down
  • Configurable spam timeout (speed)
  • (almost) No janky key press logic, all native Minecraft key button handling.


How to use (Subject to change)

  • Open GUI with O (default key) to enable and edit the settings of each button being clicked
  • Use I (default key) to enable auto clicker


Option descriptions

  • Active: Enables that key to be held when Auto Clicker is active (holding)
  • Spamming: Enables per tick spamming meaning every tick the button is quickly pressed and un-pressed
  • Speed: Speed controls how fast (per tick) the spamming will happen, 0 being the quickest, 10 being the slowest
  • Respect cooldown: Will Attack only once the cooldown has cooled down tada



The Imgur Album Auto Clicker


Use on public servers

I DO NOT support the use of this mod on any public servers which do not allow this kind of mod. The mod does work on servers but I do not approve of, and will not, support anyone that attempts to use this mod on servers. I do not have the time to review each issue; I will simply close any issue with server connections in the crash log.

If you wish to use this mod on private servers then that's on you. If you use this on public servers and are banned then that's on you and I will not support your use of this mod in that way.