Requires Fabric API


A Fabric mod which displays the movements keys and mouse clicks on the screen.

Screenshot of default HUD 


📖 What's this mod?


Well, it's very simple. It shows which keys/buttons you are pressing on the screen, it also displays the CPS.

It's fully customizable: colors, which buttons to show, where to put the HUD.


📖 Usage


To use this mod it's very simple!

Install it in your mods folder along with Fabric API (and Cotton Client Commands for before v1.2.0).


While in-game you will notice a new HUD: the AuroraKeystrokes' HUD!


To customize it you get two options:

  • Edit the file `config/keystrokes.toml` which isn't recommended because you might crash your game.
  • Use the configuration GUI which you can access with `/keystrokes`


Other commands available:

  • `/keystrokes`: Open the configuration GUI
  • `/keystrokes reload`: Reload the configuration file.
  • `/keystrokes save`: Save the configuration file.