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This server side Fabric mod enables uploading custom audio for music discs and goat horns.

This mod requires Simple Voice Chat on the client and server.


  • On the fly audio uploading without needing to restart the server
  • Support for mp3 and wav
  • Upload audio via a URL
  • Upload audio directly to your server
  • Upload audio via Filebin
  • Server side only
  • No server restart needed
  • No resource pack needed
  • No changes needed on the client
  • Configurable upload limit
  • Configurable command permissions
  • Configurable music disc range
  • Per-item music disc range
  • Configurable goat horn range
  • Per-item goat horn range
  • Configurable goat horn cooldown
  • Music discs can be inserted with hoppers, droppers and dispensers (Can be disabled in the config)
  • Music discs can be taken out with hoppers (Can be disabled in the config)


Want to host a server with Simple Voice Chat?

Rent your own voice chat server here
More information on how to set it up here


Run /audioplayer to get general information on how to upload files.


Uploading audio files via URL

Run /audioplayer url "https://example.com/myaudio.mp3" where https://example.com/myaudio.mp3 is the link to your .mp3 or .wav file.

Uploading audio files directly to the server

Copy your .mp3 or .wav file to the audioplayer_uploads folder in your server. Run /audioplayer serverfile "yourfile.mp3" where yourfile.mp3 is the name of the file you put on the server.

Uploading audio files via Filebin

Run /audioplayer filebin and follow the instructions.

Putting custom audio on a music disc

Run /audioplayer musicdisc <ID> and hold a music disc in your main hand. Additionally, you can add a custom name and range for the music disc /audioplayer musicdisc <ID> "<CUSTOM-TEXT>" <RANGE>.

Putting custom audio on a goat horn

Run /audioplayer goathorn <ID> and hold a goat horn in your main hand. Additionally, you can add a custom name and range for the goat horn /audioplayer goathorn <ID> "<CUSTOM-TEXT>" <RANGE>.

Getting the audio from an existing item

Run /audioplayer id and hold a music disc or a goat horn with custom audio in your main hand.





Note that the files you upload to Filebin are publicly available if the upload link is disclosed!