Attribute Fix {FABRIC}

1,292,034 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 22, 2021 Game Version: 1.18.1   +3


Minecraft caps your attributes artificially. This means above that cap you don't get any bonuses from your attributes. This mod fixes that!


For example:
    -Your health is capped at just 2048 max health!

    -You can only have 2048 attack damage

    -You can only have 30 armor!

These are just a few examples this mod fixes!


Although modifiers might bring your attributes above this value, Minecraft will just ignore them above a certain limit which this mod raises to a much larger number. 


Additionally, Minecraft caps the effectiveness of armor and protection to an 80% damage reduction. As of 1.0.1, your bonus armor/protection above 20 will be converted to extra points above this 80% cap (getting ever closer but never approaching 100%)


Fabric API is not required.


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