Attained Drops 2

Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Nov 27, 2016

Owner: ShadowsOfFire

Attained Drops

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Originally by VapourDrive

"I created this mod initially to provide an interesting way to farm ender-pearls and then decided to add support for multiple different mob drops" - VapourDrive, 2014

Allowed by the MIT License and with permission from the original author, we have continued this mod to modern Minecraft versions, and rewritten most of it.


Vitalized Soil: The basis of drop attainment

Soil Planter: Creation of soil


Mob Drop Plant Seeds


Bulbs: The fifteen types


Config Options

  • AllowBonemeal - Whether or not bonemeal will work on plants
  • SoilCreatorDiameter - Total diameter soil creator block is effective


  • Slay hostile mobs to attain Soul Essence.
  • Craft Mob-Drop Plant Seeds
  • Craft the Vitalized Soil Planter
  • Place the Vitalized Soil Planter in the world surrounded by grass or dirt (Form a ring around the planter)
  • Wait for the Planter to chance the surrounding soil to Vitalized Soil 
  • Craft Mob-Drop Plant Seeds and plant them on Vitalized Soil
  • Right-Click on Vitalized soil with a hostile mob drop (or bare hand for chat info)
  • Bone-Meal plant or wait for it to fully mature (a fully mature one can be broken for seeds)
  • Once fully mature the plant will sprout bulbs on top that correspond to the drop in the soil underneath
  • There is a chance that the vitalized soil may revert to dirt.
  • Planters slowly revert to dirt.