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Attained Drops is a mod about sustainable mob drops in the form of plants.  These plants cannot be automatically grown, and will need to be farmed by the player instead of machinery.  This allows for reasonable growth of additional drops, without enabling giant farms to produce massive amounts of resources.

Blocks and Items

 Vitality Spreader: This is the first block you will need to create to interact with Attained Drops.  This block creates vitalized soil out of nearby dirt or grass, which enables the growth of vitalized plants.  Eventually, the spreader will return to dirt, and a new one will be required.

 Vitalized Soil: This is created by the Vitality Spreader.  This block has to be enriched with certain items, and needs a vitalized plant to be planted on top of it.  When enriched, the plant will grow bulbs above it that correspond to the enrichment type.  Eventually, the soil will return to dirt.


Vitalized Seed: This seed is crafted with Life Essence, an apple, and wheat seeds.  It is used to plant Vitalized Plants on vitalized soil.


Life Essence: This is dropped by monsters, and is required to create vitalized seeds.


In Attained Drops, a bulb is the product of a vitalized plant above enriched soil.  When harvested, it will drop 1-2 of it's respective produce.  They can be moved with silk touch.  There are 15 default bulb types.  The types, along with their drops, are shown below.

Custom Bulbs

Starting in 5.3.0, users can now define custom bulb/soil types.  This enables Attained Drops to work with virtually any item in the game!
To define an additional bulb, go to the file config/ 
In this file, each new line entry is a new bulb type.  A line must contain the following information: name=item|color
Name: This is the internal name of this bulb type.  It may only use lowercase letters and numbers, and must be unique.
Item: This is the relevant item, used to vitalize soil and the item dropped by the bulb.  Must be an item registry name, such as minecraft:diamond
Color: This is a hex integer that represents the color of this soil/bulb combo.  It must be six digits long, and requires the 0x prefix.  Ex: 0xFFFFFF
An example definition for redstone is redstone=minecraft:redstone|0xAA0F01





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