Attained Drops

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Attained Drops

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I created this mod initially to provide an interesting way to farm ender-pearls and then decided to add support for multiple different mob drops


Vitalized Soil

Vitalized Soil

Vitalized Soil Planter

Vitalized Soil PlanterVitalized Soil Planter Recipe


Mob-Drop Plant Seed

Mob-Drop Plant SeedMob-Drop Plant Seed Recipe


  1. Craft the Vitalized Soil Planter
  2. Place the Vitalized Soil Planter in the world surrounded by grass or dirt (up to all surrounding 26 blocks)
  3. Wait for the Planter to chance the surrounding soil to Vitalized Soil (which can be broken)
  4. Craft the Mob-Drop Plant Seed and plant on Vitalized Soil
  5. Right-Click on Vitalized soil with a hostile mob drop (or bare hand for chat info)
  6. Bone-Meal plant or wait for it to fully mature (a fully mature one can be broken for seeds)
  7. Once fully mature the plant will sprout bulbs on top that correspond to the drop in the soil underneath
  8. There is a chance that the drop will be sucked out of the soil and need to be replaced



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