Guns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions

134,976 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 29, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This mod adds guns, rockets, C4 bombs which can be obtained through trading.

 Be careful when using the nuke bombs, as they can destroy your world (probably your PC as well).







Thank PwrDown for making this awesome video: (this mod starts at 3:36)


Feel free to use this mod in your videos. Please put the CurseForge link in your description :)


Mod loader: Minecraft Forge 1.16.5-36.1.0


In this mod we added several destructive weapons with varied usages:

  • - Atomic bomb rocket(Green): fires an atomic rocket which will explode when hit an entity or block. Deals massive damage(default radius=80) to the world and entities nearby, which can one-hit every vanilla boss and most modded mobs. 
  • - High Explosive rocket(Yellow): fires high explosive bomb, deals significant damage(default radius=10). 
  • - Incendiary rocket(Red): BURN THEM ALL! 
  • - Smoke rocket(Gray): You guess it! Spay massive smoke to hide yourself. 


Four rocket launchers and their ammo:





And their C4 bomb version: 

C4 Bombs:

 They can be placed directly into the world and activated by redstone signal. They basically do the same thing as their rocket counterpart besides a 40-second delay and the C4-style BEEP(mimicking Counter Strike).


You can right click the C4 bombs custom delay and activated it by hand (DANGEROUS!)

After activated, a counter will show up, and you can no longer edit it. RUN AWAY!





Glock: shoots 9mm ammo

  • Desert Eagle: shoots 9mm ammo, higher damage
  • USP: shoots 9mm ammo with silencer
  • AK-47: shoots 7.62mm ammo, faster shooting speed
  • AWP: You are the true sniper now! Press Z to zoom.
  • Barrett M82A1: Super strong sniper rifle. Press Z to zoom.

More Guns coming soon!


Bullets are shoot with a gun. When hit a block, it will either destroy it or ricochet depending on the type of the block. It will penetrate entities as well. Different type of bullets has varied penetration power and other unique properties.

  • - normal bullets
  • - Piercing bullets(Silver and Tungsten): more damage, faster speed, better penetration
  • - Incendiary bullets: light entity on fire, explode when hit a block
  • - Anti-gravity bullets: not influenced by gravity
  • - Explosion bullets: create small explosion on impact
  • - Micro-atomic bomb bullets: is it really "Micro"?



How to obtain them in survival?

  •  Craft the statues
  •  Find an unemployed villager
  •  Place the statues the same as you do for a trading hall
  •  Trade!

Crafting recipes:





Your World, Your Rules:

Many of those items(radius, ammo number, blast power, ammo damage, ammo speed, gun modifies) are configurable! If you find some are too overpowered or underpowered,  try to edit the config file.


If you have any ideas feel free to share it in the comment below!




  • - Bug Fixes
  • - Model rework: I will refine some models
  • - Improve game mechanics: Including disabling switching to other items when you are loading, etc.
  • - Short guns: I am working on modeling short guns and will release them when ready
  • - More weapons: share your ideas below



1. Can I include it into my modpack?

- Yes, sure.


3. How to load ammo?

-  Guns: hold guns in main hand, press R. Make sure you have correct size of ammo in your inventory (loading priority: off hand > hot bar > inside inventory).

-  Rockets: hold rockets in off hand and rocket launcher in main hand, press R.

4. I cannot reload(or zoom) by pressing the correct key:

-  Probably it is due to hot key conflicts. Go to "controls" to set another hotkey.

5. I found a bug...

- Create an issue on GitHub!

6. How frequently will you update this mod?

- I really enjoy developing this mod, but I am not a full-time modder. But I will try my best to keep it updated!

7. I am also a modder, could I collaborate?

- Sure, send me a private message.



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Most models were made with BlockBench.


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