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Guns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions

What is in the mod?

Guns, Rockets and Atomic Explosions



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1. Can I include it into my modpack?

- Yes, sure.

2. How to obtain them in survival?

- Install JEI which will tell you the recipe when clicking on the item.

- Craft the statues, place it by an unemployed villager, and trade.

3. How to load ammo?

-  Guns: hold guns in main hand, press R. Make sure you have correct size of ammo in your inventory (loading priority: off hand > hot bar > inside inventory).

-  Rockets: hold rockets in off hand and rocket launcher in main hand, press R (unlike guns, Rockets must be in offhand).

4. I cannot reload(or zoom) by pressing the correct key:

-  Probably it is due to key conflicts. Go to "controls" to set another hotkey.

-  If you have JEI installed, which is recommended, you will get at least one conflict on "R". Please set it to another key.

5. I found a bug...

- Create an issue on GitHub!

6. Will you port it to 1.12-1.15/Fabric?

- No. I don't have enough time. This project is open-source, and everyone is free to port it.

- I will rather add more content and update it to 1.17 when forge is ready.

7. How frequently will you update this mod?

- I really enjoy developing this mod, but I am not a full-time modder. But I will try my best to keep it updated!

8. I am also a modder, could I collaborate?

- Sure, send me a private message.




Translation (Chinese Simplified):MikhailTapio

Most models were made with BlockBench.



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