Astral Sorcery

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Filename astralsorcery-1.15.2-1.12.7.jar
Uploaded by HellFirePvP
Uploaded Aug 25, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 25.16 MB
Downloads 11,590
MD5 5a9d41b608a03bbf810705af5e39eed8
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


Built with:

- Forge: 31.2.35

- ObserverLib: 1.15.2-1.2.0

- Curios: 1.15.2-




- All constellations have new shapes

- Marble and Sooty marble variants can now be crafted via stonecutter

- The Tome can now be placed in a lectern

- A lot of perks and perk attribute types now require starlight charge to function

- Reach does no longer automatically increase entity reach. Reach may affect entity reach now via a new key perk 'Honed Influence'

- Configuration for marble generation is more in line with other worldgen options

- All worldgen configurations now feature a "enabled" flag to allow disabling/enabling globally in addition to the other options

- Horologium enchanted weapon-related items via refraction table can now get Cooldown Reduction on them

- Constellation papers are now stored in player progress data rather than on the tome item itself




- Fixes inability to unlock perks on a dedicated server environment

- Fixes a classloading issue on startup

- Fixes inability to claim epiphany perks

- Fixes negative starlight charge maximum

- Fixes desync on player positions on player attunement on dedicated servers

- Fixes item overlay on item related wands



This is an alpha build. Some things are missing and/or maybe broken.

Please report found issues on github:

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