Assembly Line

38,777 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 31, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

Notice: The mod will eventually be updated.... I have no clue how long this will take and will not give an ETA if asked. - DarkGuardsman 6/16/2019

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Assembly Line is a mod that focuses on large scale automation of factory-like environments. Its main feature is transportation & automation systems that integrate with a large series of machines. Its secondary feature is mass production type machines that can process items on a large scale without conventional pipe inputs.  


  • Inserter - Moves items from one inventory to another. Works with autocrafters to assembly items. See ICBM mod for warhead & missile auto crafting.
  • Rails - Custom rails not based on MC's existing rails for transporting carts on all 6 sides of the block
  • Stop Rails - stops a cart, can be controlled by redstone
  • Load Rails- loads items onto carts
  • Unload Rails - unloads items from carts
  • Rotation Rails - rotates the car
  • Orientation Rails - changes the side of the rail the cart is attached to
  • Splitter Rails - rail that distributes carts evenly in two directions 

Planned Content

  • Armbot- From the original 1.2.5 - 1.6.4 versions
  • Belts - From the original 1.2.5 - 1.6.4 versions
  • Manipulator - From the original 1.2.5 - 1.6.4 versions
  • Belt machines - concept from the 1.2.5 version, machines that fit over the belts for quick processing


Questions and Answers

Q: Was Calclavia the original author?

A: No, he did create the first belts but was not the author of Assembly Line. After making the first blocks he traded the mod off to Elusive Hawk and then to me. I took the mod called it Assembly Line and brought Calclavia back into the project.


Q: Why so long to update the mod?

A: When I merged the mod into Resonant Induction I basically gave up on the idea. Recently I decided I wanted to work on the concept of advanced automation. This started with giving the new rail blocks a home in the mod.


Q: When will content "XXXXX" be added back?

A: Either when I get enough time or interest in reviving the content. Right now there are enough mods that fill the needs of a few of the old items. Belts are a great example of this with at least 12 mods having low tech versions. Don't worry though, I will rebuild every piece of content and give it a new flair of creativity.




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