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If the mod keeps freezing your game on world load, it may be because the website hosting my code repository is down. Try setting Version Checker to false.

The 1.7.10 version has been made obsolete by Et Futurum: Requiem.

This mod simply backports various sounds to Minecraft versions 1.7.10 through 1.12.2.

Some of these features used to be part of Village Names, but were partitioned into this standalone mod and expanded upon.

Many mod sound events are client-side only (check the configs), but those not labeled so are server-side, so this mod is NOT client-side only. Feel free to check and report back to me whether this can be used client-side only if all of the non-client-side sounds are disabled.


Currently supported sounds:

Below is the list of sounds included in ASMC. It is arranged in order of decreasing Minecraft versions of the mod.

In JE 1.7 & 1.8 of ASMC:
-More rain
-Furnace crackle
-Iron door creak
-Wooden/Iron trap door snap
-Wooden chest closing
-Fence gate
-Wooden button
-Zombie villager
-Horse feeding
-Snow Golem damage & death
-Thorns enchantment
-Bucket and water bottle filling/emptying
-Painting and Item Frame
-Lead knot
-Farmland tilling
-Player melee sounds, and config controls over how/when they fire
-Armor equipping

Also in JE 1.7–1.9 of ASMC:
-Ender Chest
-Enchantment Table

Also in JE 1.7–1.11 of ASMC:
-Ender Eye launch / break
-End Portal opening
-Fishing Rod cast
-Player drowning and burning damage

Also in JE 1.7–1.12 of ASMC:
-Additional cave ambience
-New wooden door creak
-Lilypad place
-Beacon power up/down and ambience
-Player swim
-Note block instruments
-Mooshroom bowling
-Crop/wart planting and reaping
-Redstone placing
-Book page flip
-1.16+ Soul Sand / Nether Wart / Bone Block / Netherrack / Quartz Ore / Nether Brick sounds


Backported sounds only available in JE 1.7 and JE 1.8 versions of ASMC due to bugs and limitations in Forge 1.9 and up:
-Wither Skeletons
-Mooshroom milking sound




Known Issues:

-The beacon does not play the "power change" sound
-Painting and Item Frame sounds play when right-clicking onto an otherwise legal block surface that is activated via right-click. Redstone dust does too if the block in front of that face is legal to place it.
-The Enchanting Table sound will play if you swap an unenchanted item in the slot with an enchanted item of the same type
-The Enchanting Table sound does not play for Gany's Surface/Et Futurum version
-Armor Stand / Nether Portal Transport sounds may not be doable
-A lot of the sounds are done as client-side substitution. De-syncs due to velocity or tick lag or even order of event operations may affect accuracy.