Artisan Worktables

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Artisan Worktables

Artisan Worktables provides themed worktables designed for modpack makers. It is intended to be used with CraftTweaker and supports JEI and GameStages integration.

Depends on the library mod Athenaeum.


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Recipes for the worktables are like the vanilla crafting recipes (shaped, shapeless) except they require a tool and tool durability cost to be specified. Tools go into the extra slot in the table and remain in the table between crafts. The tables will also retain their contents when closed, but not when broken.

Shift-clicking items will swap tools and place items in the crafting matrix.

Recipes to craft the tables are not provided. It is intended that you use CraftTweaker to supply your own recipes for making and using the worktables.

Vanilla crafting table recipes are supported in any table by default and config options are provided.


Two tools for each table, made from vanilla and Thermal Foundation materials, are provided if you want to use them.

The tools and their recipes can easily be disabled in the config file.