Artemis' Laboratory Blocks aims at providing new Laboratory Blocks and to expand the already known palette of these blocks with new and exciting variants and improvements.


For 1.18 and 1.19, you can also use the ConnectedTexturesMod (CTM). With it, all blocks will use connected textures to further enhance your builds and projects.
For 1.20 and up, Fusion will do the same.

Download CTM here!

Download Fusion here!

More blocks will follow with each update and already existing ones will also be improved.



Enlighted Laboratory Blocks

Every Laboratory Block can also be enlighted.

By rightclicking with Glowstone Dust or combining them in a Crafting Table, they will become Enlighted Laboratory Blocks

They will emit light, similar to Glowstone Blocks or Sea Lanterns. 

This will be very usefull, if you want to light up your base, without placing lights all around your rooms.

By rightclicking with any Pickaxe, this Glowstone Dust can be removed and the block will stop to emit light.


Decorative Laboratory Blocks 

Some blocks are more intended to be used to decorate your base.

These include the Laboratory Fan, Laboratory Vent and the Signaling Laboratory Block.

You can use them to further enhance and add detail to your builds.

They can also be combined perfectly with any other Laboratory Block 



There is also a community Discord.

Feel free to join and take part in the "Intelligence" community.

Projects of us include for example Advanced Peripherals.





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