Arsenal Core

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Welcome to Arsenal - a series of weapon mods based on realistic weapons.

Arsenal is a continuation of the original Chinese Style Sword mod, with weapons based on reality and good balance and gameplay. And like the original Chinese Style Sword mod, the weapon can be used as a decoration with Curios API.

The Arsenal Core provides you with the most basic six types of weapons in the Arsenal series, a "famous sword" from the original Chinese Style Sword mod, as well as the basic code and the Weapon Frog.


Chinese Sword / Ancient Chinese Sword: Can cause fast and powerful attacks, and can block attack like shield.

Arming Sword / Longsword: More durability vanilla sword. 

Rapier / Small sword: Do sting attack when mob doesn't wear chest armor.


Unlike those weapon mods you always see on CurseForge,
We do not design complex recipes or expensive materials to craft a sword.
All you need to do is combine your Vanilla sword with a sheath,
by doing this your sword will regain its lost spirit, and become a Chinese sword.

These swords will not be too over-powered.
Comparing to Vanilla swords, our swords will be *moderated* powerful,
and will not make your Minecraft modpack unbalanced.


Please look forward to the follow-up expansion pack updates for other weapons and more.



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