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A renewed look into Minecraft with a splash of magic...


Ars Magica: Legacy is a port of Mithion's Ars Magica 2 for 1.18.1+.

It features an exciting way of creating spells, which can be used in several ways to buff yourself, serve as a tool replacement, fight against mobs and much more!

As of now, the mod is in a beta state (the files are flagged as releases because CurseForge treats non-releases very weird). This means that many features are not yet implemented, so be sure to check for mod updates often.

If you want to support the project, you can donate via Patreon or Paypal. You can also join our Discord Server.

The old mod's potion bundles were moved into their own project: Potion Bundles. Be sure to check it out too!

Getting Started

In the underground, you will find a variety of ores. The most common of those is Vinteum Dust.

Craft an Arcane Compendium with a book and a piece of Vinteum Dust. It will then guide you through the mod.


  • A spellcrafting system that allows you to put together your own spell, letting you choose from ~100 spell parts
  • Magic XP that increases with using spells, allowing you to perform more powerful spells the higher your level is
  • A unique and balanced Mana & Burnout mechanic
  • A total of 10 affinities to shift into, that each give you unique buffs and debuffs depending on how deep your shift is (WIP)
  • A new fancy tree type that can be found rarely in dark forests
  • In-game documentation via the Patchouli mod
  • Customization via datapacks - this allows you to change dependencies and unlock costs of spell parts, alter mana and crafting costs of spell parts, add new materials for the crafting altar, and much more
  • An extensive API for addon developers to build upon, allowing them to add new spell parts. affinities, skill points etc

Planned Features

  • Affinity buffs and debuffs
  • 10 bosses, one for each affinity
  • Lots of blocks and items from the old mod

Dependencies & Compatibility

This mod requires Patchouli version 1.18-58 or newer for the in-game documentation.

This mod has optional integration with JEI, Curios and The One Probe.

This mod is not compatible with OptiFine, due to OptiFine breaking rendering internals.

Bugs & Crashes

If your game crashes upon starting, please check if you have downloaded all dependencies in the right versions (see above) and if you are on the newest Forge version.

If it still crashes, please check if it is an incompatibility with another mod. To do that, remove all mods except Ars Magica: Legacy and the dependencies and re-add one mod by another. When you have found an incompatibility, create a GitHub issue (only if none with the same error does not exist yet) and put Incompatibility with <Mod Name> in the title.

If you found a bug in-game, please report it on GitHub as well. Again, please check if a similar issue already exists first.


You may use this mod in any modpack that meets the following conditions:

  • A link back to this page is given
  • The modpack does not require money to be played (Optional donations, such as Patreon, are fine)
  • You give credit to the mod owner (Minecraftschurli)
  • You do not claim that you made this mod or parts of it


We do not support Fabric! If you are interested in making a Fabric port, feel free to contact us on Discord so we can discuss how to do it so it has feature parity.

Legal disclaimer

Ars Magica is a trademark of Atlas GamesĀ®, used with permission.


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