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Ars Artifice


Ars Artifice is an addon to the popular magic mod Ars Nouveau

Ars Artifice focuses primarily on a new Artificing mechanic, allowing players to create curios that automatically cast spells when certain events effect the player.

There's currently 4 artifice methods introduced:

  • Anguish - Triggers when taking a modifiable amount of damage
  • Falling - Triggers when falling a modifiable distance
  • Landing - Triggers after falling a modifiable distance
  • Interval - Triggers on a loop after a modifiable amount of time

There are also 3 new curios introduced that allow Artifice methods to be inscribed:

  • Ring, Amulet and Belt of Spell Storing

To get started with Artificing:

  • Craft an Artificer's Workbench
  • Learn the glyphs for the artifice methods using the Scribe's Table
  • Craft a Curio of Spell Storing and use it on the Artificer's Workbench, this will allow you to program in the event for when a spell should trigger.
  • Take the Curio of Spell Storing and place it inside the Scribe's Table to scribe the spell you want to be cast into it.

Once you equip the Curio it should all start working.

Finally Ars Artifice introduces a consumable spell casting item called a Spell Gem. Spell Gems allow you to cast spells without consuming your own mana bar. Spell Gems have 3 tiers, increasing the amount of mana available within each Spell Gem before they break.

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