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NOTE: This Requires Tetra and Ars Nouveau as well as all their dependencies!




Ars Armiger is an Add-On mod for Tetra and Ars Nouveau which adds cross-mod compatibility between the two in the form of new materials, new effects and new modular weapon mechanics! 

Getting Started

Use the In-game Holosphere item to see the statistics of Source Gems, Archwood Logs, and Magebloom Fibers (and its upgrades!). You can also find a new entry in the Ars Nouevau worn notebook. These new materials grant your tools the Source Leech trait, which allows them to restore some Mana back to you when you strike! Melee weapons can also be improved with the Spell Foci module, which allows them to be inscribed with a spell; Much like an Enchanter's Sword. 


This mod depends on the following mods to function:


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