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Looking for better armor for new mod challenges? Well, here I bring you special armor to make your mod experience more varied.

The armor is crafted using a new material called Armorite. You can get amazing armors like a Miner Helmet to see in the dark and mine faster or a diving helmet and fins to swim faster in the water! Each set will give you different potion effects, get them all and use them in the best situation for each one.

With version 2.0.0 now the mod brings a new ore that appears in the Overworld. With it you can craft "Essences" that will be necessary for crafting the armor. Also if you right click they give you powerful effects!



This is a list of everything that the mod contains:

-Armourite, it's an ingot.
-Armourite block.
-Mineral Essence: It appears in the Overworld, it has the same rarity as Gold.
-Essences (gives you powerful or very long-lasting potion effects when right clicking or other things. They are consumable):
  -Sky Essence: Levitation
  -Fire Essence: Strength and Resistance
  -Definitive Essence: Strength and Resistance (you can kill anything for 1s and be immortal for 1s)
  -Ocean Essence: Counduit Power and Dolphins Grace
  -Crop Essence: Invisibility
  -Life Essence: Health Boost and Regeneration
  -Luck Essence: Speed ​​and Jump Boost
  -Nether Essence: Create or Teleport to a near Nether Portal
  -Iron Essence: Resistance
  -Instable Essence: Makes a Massive Explosion. Be careful.

 -Emergency Totem: Gives you two extra heart bars as well as regeneration.

-Armor (As armor gives effects similar to Essences I will only list them):

 -Miner Helmet
 -Miner Helmet T2
 -Miner Helmet T3
 -Alife Chestplate
 -Alife Chestplate T2
 -Berserker Chestplate
 -Berserker Leggins
 -Diving Helmet
 -Diving Helmet T2
 -Swimming Fins
 -Swimming Fins T2
 -Nether Chestplate
 -Nether Leggins (When the full Set is equipped you can use H to make a Nether Portal or go to the nearest Nether Portal. Consume durability.)
 -Definitive Helmet
 -Definitive Chestplate
 -Definitive Leggins
 -Definitive Boots
 -Tank Chestplate
 -Tank Boots
 -Honey Bunny Helmet
 -Hades Helmet
 -Broken Angel Chestplate
 -Broken Angel Chestplate T2 (With 2 Keys you can "Fly" or "Descend")



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At the moment after the release of version 2.0.0 I do not have any big update in mind. If you want to suggest anything go to Discord!