[Armory] ICBM Sentries

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Dependency: Sentries required BBM's Armory and not a mod by the similar name Armory


This mod adds 5 basic sentry guns from the original ICBM 1.6.4 mod. These sentry guns are built on the Armory Mod allowing compatible functionality with other sentries and full customization of content. This includes usage of the global access system in Voltz Engine and the entity target selection system in Armory.


Why not add the sentry guns to ICBM-Classic?

The main reason is to open up this mod to as many people as possible. Having it in a PvP driven mod like ICBM closes the door to many modpacks and groups. The secondary reason is new version requires Armory mod to function. Thus making it part of ICBM-Classic would require another dependency.


As to why the change to use Armory for sentries? This was done in order to improve the handling of the sentries. With the Armory mod, sentries can be created using JSON data instead of code. This allows easy development and customization over the content. In addition, to providing a solid foundation for shared functionality on all sentries mods.



  • Laser Sentry
    • Energy based
    • 1 damage per hit
    • constant attack
    • sets target on fire
  • Cannon Sentry -
    • single barreled
    • 20mm ammo
    • 8 damage per hit
    • low fire rate
  • AA Sentry
    • 8 damage per hit
    • 20mm ammo
    • 4 barreled
    • 80 rounds a second
  • Arrow Sentry [WIP]
    • Fires arrows
    • low power cost
  • Railgun Sentry [WIP]
    • No AI
    • Charge up time
    • Extremely high damage
    • Antimatter slug
    • AP slug

 Modpack Policy

No need to ask permission, but you still need to follow BBM's public modpack rules


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Issues or bugs

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