[Armory] Sentry AA & AMS

8,030 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 1, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

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This mod adds Anti-Air and Anti-Missile automated sentry defense blocks using the Armory Mod.



AMS Sentry - 20mm autocannon designed to shoot down missiles of any size.

FoF Terminal - interacts with the Friend-or-Foe system to create a unique ID key to apply to your own sentries and missiles. This way the guns do not friendly fire missiles from ICBM or ICBM-Classic.


Planned Content

  • Flak Cannon
  • Flak Shells for normal Cannons - allows any artillery to be used as a flak gun
  • Twin 20mm cannon
  • Mini-Gun AA
  • Twin Mini-Gun AA

 Modpack Policy

No need to ask permission, but you still need to follow BBM's public modpack rules


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Issues or bugs

If you have any issues please report them to our issue tracker on Github.com. You can get to the issue tracker by clicking the issue button at the top of the mod page. If you do not see this button visit https://github.com/BuiltBrokenModding and navigate to the correct mod repository. If you have a crash report please paste it into a site like pastebin.com before submitting to improve readability of the issue ticket.


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