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Ariente and Ariente World together form a tech mod with a twist. Instead of giving you direct access to all machines in this mod you'll have to conquer the technology from aliens in a custom dimension. This mod is currently still early alpha. When ready it will give you all kinds of powerful machines and a new power system to feed those machines. The dimension is progression based with top tier dungeons that are very hard.


Since this is alpha it is not recommended to include this in modpacks. But I will not stop you if you try.


This mod needs HoloGui

This mod is recommended together with Ariente World


Ariente can (in the near future) be used stand-alone (without Ariente World) in case you are not interested in the dimension and progression. However, note that as of this point Ariente is not yet fully usable as crafting ingredients are missing and the blueprints cannot be obtained without Ariente World. This is work in progress. For now I recommend installing Ariente World as well.


More up to date information on this mod can be found at the wiki: Ariente Wiki

Discord to discuss Ariente: McJty's Discord



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