Archicraft - Outer War is an automatic building and decoration mod for Minecraft 1.12.2.
The mod have 4 (3 full implemented, 1 partially) different architectural styles with buildings for militar, exploration and logistics. All of them are empty, so you can decorate them at will and adapt the building for your needs.

All four styles have its own unique buildings and one special feature.

This is the second of Archicraft group of mods, the first is Archicraft building


Archicraft - Outer War require Suxen Lib version 1.2.0 or above.

You don't need Archicraft building to use it, but it's recommended.

Architectural styles
-Solex: Space stations. Glass and white, purple and gray concrete. Functionality over decoration. For mid or lategame.
-Parabel: Actual and futuristic militar and exploration. Mostly concrete in multiple colors. Have tiers for start, mid and lategame.
-Poseii: Actual and futuristic yachts and ships. A bit of all. For mid or lategame.
-Ralgra: Logistics, train stations, airports and harbors. A bit of all. Wildcard style to combine with others.

Building process

This mod was created to help the building process, so this is very easy. You only need to craft a token of the wanted architectural style, craft the block of the build you want, one chest and the required materials.



Solex, Parabel, Poseii and Ralgra

Each craft yields 4 tokens.


When you have the block of the building (see the pictures for the recipes), put it in the place you want and a chest on the opposite side to the building. One important thing to know is that the block is on the bottom left corner of the building except for Solex, that is on the center of the second bottom layer, to help the construction in mid air.

Once you put the chest, you can see the area of construction, the middle of it and, for the Poseii style, the part that should be underwater. (You have to see the building block to see the area)

Then, put the materials in the chest and the block will get it. The GUI of the block will show the number of required materials and the number already in the block.


When the block have all the required materials, it start to build layer per layer until ends and then, destroys itself.
Two things to keep on mind is that the number of materials needed is less than if you build it, and it accept any type of multitype blocks like wood or planks, even from mods.


If you want to try/see the build, you can put a bedrock block in the first slot of the chest to start the building process.


Solex was designed to create space stations in mid air. To help to do it, the builders build in the center of the bottom layer instead of the bottom left corner.

Solex Conduit


Solex narrow conduit

Narrow conduit

Solex Inner Conduit

Inner conduit

Solex Narrow Inner Conduit

Narrow inner conduit

Solex Conduit gate

Conduit gate

Solex Narrow Conduit gate

Narrow conduit gate

Solex Inner Conduit gate

Inner conduit gate

Solex Narrow Inner Conduit gate

Narrow inner conduit gate

Solex Inlet Conduit

Inlet conduit

Solex Narrow Inlet Conduit

Narrow inlet conduit

Solex Conduit Crossing

Conduit crossing

Solex Narrow Conduit Crossing

Narrow conduit crossing

Solex Inner Conduit Crossing

Inner conduit crossing

Solex Narrow Inner Conduit Crossing

Narrow inner conduit crossing

Solex Vertical Conduit

Vertical conduit

Solex Vertical Inner Conduit

Vertical inner conduit

Solex Vertical Inlet Conduit

Vertical inlet conduit

Solex Generic Module

Generic module

Solex Double Generic Module

Double generic module

Solex Generic Inner Module

Generic inner module

Solex Double Generic Inner Module

Double generic inner module

Solex Central Module

Central module

Solex Greenhouse Module

Greenhouse module

Solex Advanced Greenhouse Module

Advanced greenhouse module (Epic)

Solex Residential Module

Residential module

Solex Inner Residential Module

Inner residential module

Solex Energy Module

Energy module

Solex Observatory Module

Observatory module

Solex Laboratory Module

Laboratory module

Solex Small Toroid

Small toroid

Solex Medium Toroid

Medium toroid

Solex Big Toroid

Big toroid (Rare)

Solex Orbital Sphere

Orbital sphere (Rare)

Solex Command Module

Command Module (Epic)




Ralgra is the style for logistics, transport and storage. To help this, all blocks for streets, bridges and modular buildings drop itself instead of destroy the block.

Ralgra Street

Street (Reusable)

Ralgra Street crossing

Street crossing (Reusable)

Ralgra Elevated street crossing

Elevated street crossing (Reusable)

Ralgra Avenue

Avenue (Reusable)

Ralgra Avenue crossing

Avenue crossing (Reusable)

Ralgra Elevated avenue crossing

Elevated avenue crossing (Reusable)

Ralgra Suspension bridge

Suspension bridge (Reusable)

Ralgra Arch bridge

Arch bridge (Reusable)

Ralgra Truss bridge

Truss bridge (Reusable)

Ralgra Covered bridge

Covered bridge (Reusable)

Ralgra Train bridge

Train bridge (Reusable)

Ralgra Park bridge

Park bridge (Reusable)

Ralgra Arch bridge foundation

Arch bridge foundation (Reusable)

Ralgra Pillar bridge foundation

Pillar bridge foundation (Reusable)

Ralgra Truss bridge foundation

Truss bridge foundation (Reusable)

Ralgra Warehouse


Ralgra Forwarder


Ralgra Distribution center

Distribution center

Ralgra Train halt

Train halt

Ralgra Small train station

Small train station

Ralgra Train station

Train station

Ralgra Central train station

Central train station

Ralgra Inner train station

Inner train station (Reusable)

Ralgra Train garage

Train garage

Ralgra Train repair station

Traub repair station

Ralgra Pier


Ralgra Wharf

Wharf (Reusable)

Ralgra Port

Port (Reusable)

Ralgra Port stairs

Port stairs (Reusable)

Ralgra Free Port

Free Port (Special)

Ralgra Cruise Terminal

Cruise Terminal (Epic)

Ralgra Heliport


Ralgra Medical heliport

Medical heliport

Ralgra Heliport foundation

Heliport foundation

Ralgra Hangar


Ralgra Landing track

Landing track (Reusable)

Ralgra Landing track end

Landing track end (Reusable)

Ralgra Airport


Ralgra Metropolitan airport

Metropolitan airport

Ralgra International airport

International airport (Epic)

Ralgra Small airport tower

Small airport tower

Ralgra Big airport tower

Big airport tower

Ralgra Submarine base

Submarine base



Parabel is the style for military and exploration. Have three levels for early, mid and lategame.

Second level blocks need the first level block and two iron ingot (from any mod) to be crafted. Third level, needs second level and two nether bricks (from any mod).

This style have modules to combine each other with the basic and advanced command post to make a custom big base.

Parabel Perimeter Wall

Perimeter Wall (Reusable)

Parabel Defensive Wall

Defensive Wall (Reusable)

Parabel Fortified Wall

Fortified Wall (Reusable)

Parabel Perimeter Tower

Perimeter Tower

Parabel Defensive Tower

Defensive Tower

Parabel Fortified Tower

Fortified Tower

Parabel Perimeter Gate

Perimeter Gate

Parabel Defensive Gate

Defensive Gate

Parabel Fortified Gate

Fortified Gate

Parabel Perimeter Bunker

Perimeter Bunker

Parabel Defensive Bunker

Defensive Bunker

Parabel Fortified Bunker

Fortified Bunker

Parabel Provisional Warehouse

Provisional Warehouse

Parabel Basic Warehouse

Basic Warehouse

Parabel Advanced Warehouse

Advanced Warehouse

Parabel Provisional Command Post

Provisional Command Post

Parabel Basic Command Post

Basic Command Post

Parabel Advanced Command Post

Advanced Command Post

Parabel basic garage module

Parabel basic garage module

Parabel advanced garage module

Parabel advanced garage module

Parabel basic warehouse module

Parabel basic warehouse module

Parabel advanced warehouse module

Parabel advanced warehouse module

Parabel basic bunkhouse module

Parabel basic bunkhouse module

Parabel advanced bunkhouse module

Parabel advanced bunkhouse module

Parabel basic medical module

Parabel basic medical module

Parabel advanced medical module

Parabel advanced medical module

Parabel basic energy module

Parabel basic energy module

Parabel advanced energy module

Parabel advanced energy module

Parabel core module

Parabel core module

Parabel basic connection module

Parabel basic connection module

Parabel advanced connection module

Parabel advanced connection module

Parabel basic radio tower module

Parabel basic radio tower module

Parabel advanced radio tower module

Parabel advanced radio tower module

Parabel Provisional Bunkhouse

Provisional Bunkhouse

Parabel Basic Bunkhouse

Basic Bunkhouse

Parabel Advanced Bunkhouse

Advanced Bunkhouse

Parabel Provisional Greenhouse

Provisional Greenhouse

Parabel Basic Greenhouse

Basic Greenhouse

Parabel Advanced Greenhouse

Advanced Greenhouse

Parabel provisional water tank

Parabel provisional water tank

Parabel basic water tank

Parabel basic water tank

Parabel advanced water tank

Parabel advanced water tank

Parabel provisional jail

Parabel provisional jail

Parabel basic jail

Parabel basic jail

Parabel advanced jail

Parabel advanced jail

Parabel provisional canteen

Parabel provisional canteen

Parabel basic canteen

Parabel basic canteen

Parabel advanced canteen

Parabel advanced canteen



Poseii style is the style of sailboats, yachts, military battleships and any kind of ships.

Sailboats come in two versions, with open and closed sail. The default version is open sails. To get the other version put it in the craft grid. This can be done in both ways.

The names of the ship are based in real islands and archipelagos. The names are only inspired by random images and colors in them. There is no intention of hurt anyone with them.

Poseii Aruba sailboat

Poseii Aruba Sailboat

Poseii Malta sailboat

Poseii Malta Sailboat (Inspired by schooner Angelica)

Poseii marshall

Poseii Marshall

Poseii feroe

Poseii Feroe (Inspired by Taouey Yacht)

Poseii komodo

Poseii Komodo (Inspired by Hetairos superyacht) (Rare)

Poseii laquedivas

Poseii Laquedivas

Poseii Mikonos

Poseii Mikonos (Exclusive of poseii)

Poseii Maunsell

Poseii Maunsell (Inspired by USCGC Bertholf)

Poseii krakatoa

Poseii Krakatoa (Inspired by OPV 270)



Forge Ore Dictionary

This mod use the Forge Ore Dictionary to set some materials, so can be changed to other similar from Minecraft or even from other mod. For examble, wood can be oak, acacia or other from a mod.
Those materials are wood, planks, sand, gravel, slabs, dye, diamond, iron ingot, nether brick and crystal.


See also

My other mods

Archicraft building: The first of the Archicraft buildings mods.

Tank and box: Bags, boxes and fluid tanks to organize your inventory and expand it.


Permissions and Modpacks

-Add this mod to a public or privated modpack, as long as you add the name of the mod (Archicraft) and credit me (Alfomega) somewhere in the description or/and the list of mods.
-Use the mod to do the buildings of a map or a server as long as you credit me (Alfomega), and say that the buildings was generated by my mod (Archicraft) with a link to the proyect in CurseForge.
-Make a review or traduction on a video, forum/blog post, etc. of the mod as long as you add the name of the mod (Archicraft), credit me (Alfomega) and put a link to this page and/or to the download page somewhere.


-Re-distribute, de-compile or sell under any circunstance.
-Use it in a modpack or server which cost money to enter/get (Donations, Patreons, etc. are fine).


You can contact me (in english or spanish) if you have any question, suggestion or you find a bug.

If you want to see the To-Do for future versions, images of the buildings I'm actually doing and more, see my Patreon.