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Note: Arcane Bags requires Java 8. Why? Because Java 8 is easier to code in than Java 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1.



ArcaneBags is a mod that adds end-game storage bags. Bags can have their storage size upgraded, or made infinite, upgraded to automatically pick up items, and upgraded to stay with you when you die.



A warning: this mod, though expensive, is cheap for the storage space it ultimately provides, especially if you have other mods installed that make it easier to obtain the ingredients needed for the bags. Even though the Infinite Bag costs 16 nether stars in total, some mods or combination of mods allow you to farm nether stars. This ease of obtaining is intentional. The mod was made because I found it annoying to store items in chests and backpacks while working in mod packs, and I wanted a simple solution that was was easy to use and set up, but that was slightly difficult to obtain. Of course, if this is the only mod you have installed... good luck getting anything.



The mod adds two different bags, the Arcane Bag, and the Infinite Bag. The Arcane Bag has a limited storage space organized into pages, each page has the same capacity as a double chest. Arcane Bags start with 1 page and can be upgraded with Arcane Pages. The Infinite Bag, as the name implies, has an infinite amount of pages. In addition, both bags can be upgraded with an Arcane Magnet to automatically pick up items while the bag is in your hotbar, and/or a Soul Binder which keeps the bag in your inventory when you die. Bags can also be dyed.



Magical Essence: Magical Essence is a block of powerful arcane magic. However, in block form, its magic is chaotic and not concentrated.


Arcane Compression Matrix: A tool used to compress Magical Essences into a concentrated and usable form. Each matrix can compress up to 10 blocks of Magical Essence.


Compressed Magical Essence: The compressed form of Magical Essence, a much more useful ingredient than Magical Essence


Crystal of Awakening: The Crystal of Awakening is capable of binding and controlling the magic power of a bag, so that it can be used for storage.


Gold Leaf Paper: This magical ingredient can be further imbued with magic to create Arcane Paper


Arcane Paper: Arcane Paper is a critical ingredient for an Arcane Page, and is also used in some other magical recipes.


Arcane Page: The Arcane Page is a powerful ingredient imbued with much storage magic. It is used to create an Arcane Bag, as well as upgrade its storage space


Infinity Matrix: The Infinity Matrix is an item of near boundless power. Just one, when properly used, can reverse the effects of death, and 4 can create a bag with an infinite amount of space within it.


Arcane Magnet: The Arcane Magnet is an item which, when attached to a bag, will allow the bag to automatically pick up any items the player picks up, so long as the bag is in the player's hotbar or offhand. The Arcane Magnet can be removed from a bag with the power of another Arcane Magnet.


Soul Binder: The Soul Binder is a powerful item which, when attached to a bag, will allow the bag to stay in the player's inventory when they die. The Soul Binder can be removed from a bag with the power of another Soul Binder.


Bag Interface: The Bag Interface is a block which allows redstone components and components from another mod to access a bag's inventory. It has one slot, which can contain either an Arcane Bag or an Infinite Bag. The top and bottom faces of a Bag Interface directly access the Arcane Bag, and the sides of the Bag Interface access the slot the bag is in. This means that a hopper on top of the interface will input items into the bag, a hopper on the bottom will take items out of the bag, and a hopper pointing into the side can input a bag into the interface.


Arcane Bag: The Arcane Bag is the central item of the mod, and it can store a double chest of items for each page it has. Arcane Bags start out with 1 page, but combining them with an Arcane Page can increase that further.


Infinite Bag: The Infinite Bag is the most powerful storage device available, ever. It has an infinite number of pages. To create an effectively infinite inventory, one only needs to create an Infinite Bag, soul bind it, and attach an Arcane Magnet.


Bag Navigation

Both the Arcane Bag and the Infinite Bag are made up of pages. The current page number and total page number are displayed at the bottom of the bag's inventory, and the current page number can either be directly typed in, or you can navigate back and forth with the arrow buttons. If you attempt to navigate back from the first page, the Bag will navigate to the last page. In the case of the Infinite Bag, it will navigate to the last page you've ever visited. If you attempt to navigate forwards from the last page, the bag will navigate to the first page. This is, of course, not possible in the Infinite Bag, as there is no last page. In addition, bags have a search page which can be toggled on/off with the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. When in search mode, type the search terms in the box at the bottom of the bag's inventory, and items that match the given search terms will appear in the inventory. If there is more than a double chest of matching items, multiple search pages will be created. In search mode, the next page and previous page buttons navigate through search pages. Finally, it should be noted that, in search mode, each slot is directly linked to the slot the Item came from. So, for example, if the first page had a diamond somewhere, and you searched "diamond," replacing the diamond in the search page would replace the diamond in the same slot on the first page. Also, searches are updated each time you change the text in the search box, so if you replace an item, it will not disappear if it no longer matches the search term.


Normal bag page:



Search mode page:



Crafting Recipes

Magical Essence: 



Arcane Compression Matrix: 


Compressed Magical Essence: 


Gold Leaf Paper:



Arcane Paper: 



Arcane Page: 



Infinity Matrix: 



Arcane Magnet: 



Soul Binder:


Crystal of Awakening:



Bag Interface:


Arcane Bag:

An arcane bag can be made with any one color of wool. That color will be the color of the bag.


Infinite Bag: 

When upgrading an Arcane Bag to an Infinite Bag, it is important to note that the bag will retain all of its inventory and other upgrades.


Awakening Recipe:

When the Arcane Bag is first crafted, it is unawakened, to awaken it and make it usable, you must craft the bag with a Crystal of Awakening. The Infinite Bag, on the other hand, can only be crafted with an awakened Arcane Bag, and is thus already Awakened.


Dye Recipe:

Bags can be dyed with any dye in the game, and dyes can be combined to make multiple colors, similar to Leather Armor. Dying a bag will not changes its inventory or upgrades.


Upgrade Recipe:

Both The Arcane Bag and The Infinite Bag can be crafted with a Soul Binder or Arcane Magnet to either make the bag soulbound or soulbound, or remove it. If a bag is already soulbound, the Soul Binder will remove it, and if a bag is already Magnetic, the Arcane Magnet will remove it. Also, the Arcane Bag can be crafted with an Arcane Page to increase its page count by 1. Finally, the upgrades can be combined, so you can craft an Arcane Bag with 3 pages and a Soul Binder at the same time, craft an Infinite Bag with a Soul Binder and an Arcane Magnet at the same time, etc.



ArcaneBags is licensed under the MIT licenses, you can basically use it however you want. However, I would appreciate it if you credited me and linked to this page.


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