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Aquatic is Team Rapture's entry for ModJam5.

 NOTE : MANY FEATURES LISTED ARE STILL EXPERIMENTAL AND/OR not implemented, please expect updates!

Team Rapture

Team Rapture? Team Rapture is a team of Modders, Modpack Makers, Artists, Streamers, and MORE. We are a group filled with talent and with an amazing community backing us. We Create Modpacks and host servers for our amazing community to play with us and our streamers when they play. Our Primary focus is Minecraft but we are NOT a minecraft only team! We Play and HOST other games, like ARK, 7D2D, and A LOT MORE! Interested in being a part of the community?

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-Charm : Teleports to Aquatic Dimension
-Diving Knife : Break Aquatic Plants to get Organic Matter

-AquaStone : Decorative Block



-AquaNetController : place on top of oxygen stone and supply power to generate oxygen
-AquaNode : checks a player in 30 block range and supply them oxygen to explore aquatic dimension
-Oxygen Charger: charges scuba suit and fills the suit with oxygen
-Tool Charger: charges items that run on FE


-HydroDrill: a drill that works normally even in water requires FE to charge

-Heavy Iron Boots: Boots that Submerge a player to the bottom of the seaFloor at a rapid rate and allow the wearer to roam normally while on the seaFloor

-ScubaSuit Set - armor set required to receive oxygen from the node
Note Full set can substitute normal boots for Heavy Iron Boots


-AnglerFish: Hostile Fish that spawn in the Aquatic Dimension

-Scylla : WIP boss mob


-Oxygen Levels: oxygen is stored in suits and machines to be used to increase breathing timer

-PH Scale : random chunks of water in the aquatic Dimension has different PH levels

-pH Types
-Alkaline - high PH levels
-Acidic - low PH levels
-pH usage: (WIP) Energy Creation and Ore Processing


 Progression and Mechanics

Mod Progression

A player will start the mod by finding an obelisk in a underwater found inside Guardian Temple (break the obelisk)


After a player has a charm they need to get suited up with a scuba suit (full set will increase breathing rate) set sail on a boat into the ocean with Poseidon’s Charm and you will be teleported with your boat into the aquatic dimension


Inside the Aquatic Dimension you will find all kinds of unique plants and creatures. Harvesting some shale you craft some tools in this primitive land (diving knife) and harvest the plants and start collecting organic material


Coral Pickaxe will be able to break open the mystical crystallites and collect Opochtlite Chunks used to craft Opochtlite Ingots used to craft the Fabricator


Now with the Fabricator you can craft the AquaNetwork and Make better tools… Setting up a aquaNetwork will be necessary to explore the dungeons hidden at the bottom of the Aquatic Dimension


Inside the Aquatic Dungeons you will fight all the guardians of the sea

- Tlaloc : electric eel.

-Scylla: a creature that summons more fish




After killing all the beast and establishing a base it's time you combine the 4 parts of Cthulhu and summon the demon of the sea

This is a devastating fight but well worth it cause when you finally get 1 of the 4 legendary relics


1.Poseidon's Trident - Summon Shark

  1. Hand of Midas - Right Click Stone(ore)

3.Lung of the Siren - Consumable(Infinite Air)

4.Thaumas Charm - Creative Flight


Machine Mechanics

Create the Fabricator with runs off FE and turns organic polymer into Polymeric Plates

Turns Opochtlite Ingots into Mermedeic Plates all used to craft advanced machines


List of Advanced Machines

Seaglide - underwater boat basically

PlunderArchive - give it FE generates fishing      loot table items


Alakaline Gen

Acidic Gen

HydroPhuroc Gen (passively gens high FE)

DepthQuarry - Place of SeaFloor and it will generate Ores (requires Hand of Midas)


AquaNode and Advanced AquaNode



Please Note this is a rough explanation

-also this is not all we will have done for modjam-