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Hey all, my names Acro and I have taken up the job of porting Aquarius to 1.16, I will also be adding new features in the future, some ideas include: hostile oean mobs, uses for the corals and see grasses and more fish, but without further ado:



adding "new capabilities to 1.13 content"


or for a textual representation:


from left to right:

Guardian Sight I-IV: an enchantment for tridents that lets you fire guardian-like beams at your enemies by holding down right click


Channeling II-III: Higher levels of Channeling that let you smite mobs even when it's not thundering. Channeling II lets you strike during normal rain, and Channeling III lets you strike any time."


Chorus conduits: Allow you to swim in the air as long as the jump button is held. Made out of water with purpur or purpur columns in the place of prismarine. Also adds the potion effect Atlantean, only

obtainable with the chorus conduit. Crafted with one conduit and two shulker shells, like a shulker box. (Based on a video by Grian) Also lets you use Riptide out of water.

chorus conduit

A setup for a chorus conduit



Prismarine rods: Used to craft and repair tridents, made with two prismarine shards and one prismarine crystal. Tridents crafted with two prismarine rods and three quartz.


Flippers: Grant you Dolphin's Grace when in water, but slowness when out of water. Crafted with two leather and two scute.


This mod requires Fabric you can support the original author here

currently I am only maintaining and focusing on the fabric 1.16 version, at some point I might backport or sideport this mod to forge but I have no designated time frame as of yet and asking in the comments won't make it come any quicker


you should report any issues or submit any langs to my fork of this mod here on GitHub



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