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This mod requires Fabric. It is not currently planned to support Forge for 1.13.2, but you can support its development on my Patreon if you would like to see a Forge version.


Aquarius adds new capabilities to 1.13 content. Currently, it has:


  • Channeling II and Channeling III: Higher levels of Channeling that let you smite mobs even when it's not thundering. Channeling II lets you strike during normal rain, and Channeling III lets you strike any time.
  • Flippers: Grant you Dolphin's Grace when in water, but slowness when out of water. Crafted with two leather and two scute.
  • Prismarine rods: Used to craft and repair tridents, made with two prismarine shards and one prismarine crystal. Tridents crafted with two prismarine rods and three quartz.
  • Chorus conduits: Allow you to swim in the air. Made out of water with purpur or purpur columns in the place of prismarine. Also adds the potion effect Atlantean, only obtainable with the chorus conduit. Crafted with one conduit and two shulker shells, like a shulker box. (Based on a video by Grian) Also lets you use Riptide out of water.
  • Guardian Sight: A new enchantment for tridents that lets you fire guardian-like beams at enemies while holding down right click.


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