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Aquaculture Delight (A Farmer's Delight Add-on)


📖 About

Aquaculture Delight is an add-on for Farmer's Delight that adds compatibility with Aquaculture 2.
It's recommended to play with JEI and Appleskin to view recipes and food stats in-game.

📖 Main Features

  • Compatibility of all aquaculture knives and fishes with cutting board.
  • Over a dozen new foods, ranging from simple fillet rolls to complex fish meals that give potion effects.
  • New cutting board recipes for more efficient processing of various items (driftwood, leeches, etc).
  • Neptunium Knife, the little brother of the similar fillet knife. Cheaper, not infinite, FarmersDelight-ish stats.
  • Additional alternative recipes for turtle soup and roll medley.
  • Lightweight and compatible with most mods via forge tags.

📖 Detailed Description


  • Fillet Knives can now be used to harvest straw, ham and for cutting board recipes. They retain the ability to cut Aquaculture fishes in the crafting window, making these still very useful despite higher crafting cost.
  • Existing recipes for cod and salmon remain untouched. You can turn them into Aquaculture fillet via crafting, and Famer's Delight slices via cutting board.
  • Neptunium Knife - a farmer's counterpart of similar fillet knife. It has cheaper recipe but it's not unbreakable. It can be used at cutting board and produces increased amount of aquaculture Raw Fish Fillet. It does not increase amount of cod/salmon slices tho.

Cutting Board Recipes

  • [Knife]
  • Aquaculture Fish = Fillet (amount depends on fish type), 1 Bone Meal, 1 Fish Bones (5%)
  • [Prior to 1.19.2] Frog = 1 Frog Legs, 1 Bone Meal
  • Brown Shrooma = 5 Brown Mushroom, 1 Raw Fish Fillet
  • Red Shrooma = 5 Red Mushroom, 1 Raw Fish Fillet
  • Goldfish = 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Raw Fish Fillet
  • Leech = 1 Black Dye, 1 Red Dye (50%)
  • Turtle = 1 Small Turtle Meat, 1 Scute (5%)
  • Algae = 1 Seagrass (25%), 1 Kelp (25%), 1 Green Dye (25%)
  • Jellyfish = 2 Pink Dye
  • Sushi Roll = 3 Sushi

  • [Axe]
  • Driftwood = 1 Stripped Oak Log, 1 Tree Bark
  • Any Fish Mount = 4 Sticks, 1 Iron Hook (75%)

Simple Food

  • Sushi Roll - crafted from Sea Grass and Raw Fish Fillet. Can be cut into three Aquaculture Sushi pieces.
  • Small Turtle Meat - cooking ingredient. Produced from cutting Any Turtle.
  • Raw Fish Fillet Roll - alternative ingredient for Rice Roll Medley. Recipe: Raw Fish Fillet + Cooked Rice
  • Catfish Barbeque - gives Strength. Recipe: Tomato + Cabbage Leaf + Catfish or Bayad + Sticks
  • Large Fish with Vegetables - gives Nourishment. Recipe: Tomato + Cooked Fillet + Onion + Rice + Bowl

Plated Meals (Cooking Pot)

  • Unlucky Fisher Chowder - gives Slowness. Recipe: Fish Bones + Algae
  • Jellyfish Jelly - gives Comfort, but has 2% chance to Poison. Recipe: Jellyfish + Wheat + Sugar
  • [Prior to 1.19.2] Frog Leg Soup - gives Comfort and Jump Boost. Recipe: Frog Legs + Baked Potato
  • Bass Stew - gives Comfort. Recipe: Bass or Perch + Any Cabbage + Any Mushroom
  • Unusual Fish Soup - gives Comfort and Dolphins Grace. Recipe: Piranha or Tambaqui + Any Vegetable + Beetroot + Rice + Pumpkin Slice
  • Halaszle - gives Comfort and Luck. Recipe: Carp + Cooked Fish Fillet + Onion + Tomato + Bread
  • Baked Pollock with Carrots - gives Nourishment. Recipe: Pollock + Carrot + Any Vegetable + Any Cabbage
  • Buckling - gives Nourishment. Recipe: Any Herring + Any Cabbage + Egg
  • Tuna Spaghetti - gives Nourishment. Recipe: Tuna + Raw Pasta + Tomato Sauce + Any Mushroom
  • Rollmops - gives Nourishment and Conduit Power. Recipe: Any Herring + Glow Berries + Onion + Egg
  • Turtle Meat Dish - gives Nourishment. Recipe: Pumpkin Slice + 2 Cooked Turtle Meat + Carrot + Any Cabbage
  • Halibut with Tartar Sauce - gives Nourishment. Recipe: Any Halibut + Egg + Onion + Any Cabbage
  • Shrooma Stew - gives Regeneration. Recipe: Red and Brown Shrooma + Red and Brown Mushroom Colony
  • Trout Soup - gives Comfort. Recipe: 1 Any Trout + 1 Tomato + 1 Raw Pasta + 1 Rice.

Other Changes

  • Additional Campfire recipe with Driftwood. 
  • Alternative crafting recipe for Rice Roll Medley (accepts both new Rolls and Sushi or original ingredients)
  • Alternative cooking pot recipe for Turtle Soup (accepts any turtles or turtle meats, does not require a water bucket, gives exp)

📖 Credits

Created by NoCube (YouTube). Used Programs: MCreatorPaintNet.
Some palettes and texture shapes were closely inspired by both required mods to better match it visually.
Screenshots were taken with Complementary Reimagined shaders.

📖 Permissions & FAQ

You are allowed to include this mod in videos and modpacks as long as download link leads to this curseforge page.
You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other websites and launchers, nor use any mod assets in other projects.
Not available for Aternos. Backports, Fabric or Bedrock ports are not planned. Please, do not ask for it.