Apple Cows

11,603 Downloads Last Updated: May 29, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


This mod adds 3 new cows into the game and are called "Apple Cow", "Golden Apple Cow" and "Enchanted Golden Apple Cow" 

Also, this mod adds New Wheat, to breed them with



Apple Cow - Found in Plains - Breedable with Normal Wheat - Drops Apples,Leather and Raw Beef

Golden Apple Cow - Found in Mushroom Boimes - Breedable with Golden Wheat - Drops Golden Apples,Apples,Leather and Raw Beef

Enchanted Golden Apple Cow - Found in Mushroom Biomes - Breedable with Enchanted Golden Wheat - Drops Enchanted Golden Apples, Golden Apples,Apples,Leather and Raw Beef


Recipes :

Golden Wheat:

Enchanted Golden Wheat:



Another Showcase by : Juri TV


Whenever, I am able to,I will update the mod to the latest Version

You are Allowed to use this mod wherever you like,but don't publish this mod to a public website without crediting me 



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