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The end is nigh!


Apocalypse is a mod intended for hardcore and survival play that increases the difficulty of monsters the more you play. In addition to just making mobs stronger, it also adds several new features to change the way you play the game. Most things in the mod is configurable and can be disabled.



* Mobs spawn with better stats and equipment the higher the player's difficulty counter

* Configurable spawns depending on difficulty (for instance, only let creepers spawn naturally if the nearest player's difficulty is X or higher)

* Ancient mobs will spawn rarely (named and incredibly tough mobs that drop powerfully enchanted items) (missing in newer versions for the time being)

* You can not sleep during the full moon and monsters are even stronger during this time (every 8 days)

* Full moons spawn exclusive monsters with the goal of breaking through your defenses to kill you

* Sleeping causes difficulty to jump twice as far as staying up through the night

* Occasionally it may rain acid (craft a bucket into a helmet or get aqua affinity for immunity, and any helmet is better than none)

* Thunderstorms can cause mobs to spawn in weird places (missing in newer versions for the time being)

* A few thingamajigs to help you protect yourself from bad stuff!


Toasty Discord link: https://discord.gg/GFTzTdX