AntiLogout (CombatLog & AFK)


AntiLogout title

Anti logout serverside mod! Provides /afk and disables combat logging.


 Want to afk on your farm that requires player online? Do you want to prevent players escaping from combat by looging out?



When players log out while in combat, their "body" stays online for specified amoumt of time.



  • antilogout.bypass.combat - Allows the player to bypass being tagged in combat



  • antilogout.command.afk - Allows the player to use /afk
    • antilogout.command.afk.time - Allows the player to set the time for /afk time
    • antilogout.command.afk.others - Allows the player to use /afk on other players
      • antilogout.command.afk.others.time - Allows the player to set the time for /afk on other players


Admin commands

  • antilogout.command.antilogout - Allows the player to use /antilogout (for config editing)
    • antilogout.command.antilogout.edit - Allows the player to edit the config
    • antilogout.command.antilogout.reload - Allows the player to reload the config



Current icon is generated by DALL-E. I'm welcome to any new suggestions as I'm not an artist myself :).




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