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AnimalNet adds new different sized nets to the game with wich you can catch mobs and animals.


Minecraft Versions:

Forge 1.7.10/1.12.2/1.13.2/1.14.3/1.14.4/1.15.1/1.15.2

Fabric 1.14/1.14.2/1.14.3/1.14.4/1.15.1



  • Mobs/Animals will keep nametags
  • Mobs/Animals will keep their inventory
  • Mobs/Animals will keep alll their settings(like age for baby animals)
  • Size matters. If a mob is too big you need to craft a bigger net
  • You can store mobs as items
  • Mobs/Animals from other mobs are supported
  • Let Animals grow
  • Let Animals become a child
  • Create a spawner with spawner fragmentals and a caught entity

Update log:

Forge 1.12.2/1.13.2/1.14.4/1.15.2 Fabric 1.14.4:

  • + Update to 1.15.2



Warning: ONLY Animals like Cows,Rabbits,Pigs.(that have an age)

can grow or become a child

Letting animals grow:

Letting animals become childs:


Crafting Recipes:


Caught Entity to Spawner:

Small Animal Net:

Medium Animal Net:

Big Animal Net:

Mob Core:

Small Mob Net:

Big Mob Net:

Npc Net:


Spawner Fragmental: If you break a spawner there is a chance that you get one or two spawner fragmentals.


Currently there is no wiki but if you look at the images you see how some things work


Planned features:

  • Open for suggestions


Language Support:

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Turkish

Modpack Permission:

Feel free to use it in a modpack


Bug Report:

If you encounter a bug please post it on on the problems tab above.



Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Mod Version: 1.7 ModLoaderVersion: Forge 1.12.2 25.0.48

Type : Client/Server

Description: Game Crash

Game log: Pastebin link



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