Angel Ring


Angel Ring 2

 This mod adds an Angel Ring, which allows you to fly, like in a creative mode to help with building/travelling. Inspired by Extra Utilities' Angel Ring.

Requires Curios API to work.


In case you need help using this mod or want to talk with me, join my Discord server.



The Classic Version (1.x): Craft an Angel Ring, put it into Curios slot and fly like in a creative mode using Spacebar button. (or whatever you bound to creative flight)
The Reworked Version (2.x): Choose and craft specific Angel Ring. You can choose the type you wish and upgrade it from time to time using alloys or materials from other mods. See JEI for more types and recipes. "Classic" Angel Ring requires player's XP to fly. Angel Ring will drain some XP over time, fully configurable by config file.
If Thermal Series is present in your modpack, then you'll need RF (FE) to power your Angel Ring if you feel that XP is not your way to "pay" for flight.


List of available Angel Rings: (2.0.0)

All types of rings at the moment of 2.0.0 (16/06/2022)
Blood Magic/Botania and other mods integration will come soon. Fabric/Quilt version will come soonTM too.


Recipes can be found through JEI.


You can use this mod in any modpack on CurseForge/Technic Launcher/FTB Launcher/ATLauncher. (MIT License)

If you want *sigh* to repost - provide a CurseForge link to download this mod, but you need to know, that mod reposting is not a good thing.