Angel Ring

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Angel Ring

 This mod adds an Angel Ring, which allows you to fly, like in a creative mode to help with building/travelling. Inspired by Extra Utilities' Angel Ring.


Fabric version currently not planned, but this can be changed soon.



Forge: 28.2.0 or higher for 1.14.4 | 31.1.1 or higher for 1.15.2 | 32.0.38 or higher for 1.16.1

Curios API since v1.1.0: for 1.14.4 | 2.0-beta2 or higher for 1.15.2 | 3.0-beta2 or higher for 1.16.1


Now the whole mod is rewritten from scratch, enjoy. :)



Put Angel Ring into Angel Ring curio slot and use spacebar to fly, like in a creative mode, if you equip anything, which is granting flying, while wearing Angel Ring - Angel Ring fly effect will have top priority, unless you unequip it. (You can also equip it into Charm slot, if there is any mod, which adds this slot into Curios menu.)


Recipes can be found through JEI.


Old info for versions earlier, than v1.1.0:



Put Angel Ring into inventory (any slot) and press spacebar 2 times to start flying. Note, that you need to keep Angel Ring in inventory to fly. If there's no Angel Ring in inventory, you'll not be able to fly.




(Note: You can use any elytra you want. It can have any durability to craft Angel Ring.)





You can use this mod in any modpack on CurseForge/Technic Launcher/FTB Launcher/ATLauncher. (MIT License)

If you want *sigh* to repost - provide a CurseForge link to download this mod, but you need to know, that mod reposting is not a good thing.


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