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Filename ancientwarfare-1.12.2-
Uploaded by P3pp3rF1y
Uploaded Aug 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Fixed issue with some templates not getting loot chest data fixed which caused empty chests to generate in those structures.
Updated default structure pack with the latest data fixes (Especially one for loot settings in loot containers)


Added multiblock bench (model by WinDanesz)
Updated drafting station with new model by Silentine
Added tribal chair by WinDanesz
Added Scissor Seat by WinDanesz
Town Hall Retextured (model by Silentine)
Advanced Mob Spawner Retextured (model by Silentine)


Added a way to set height of faction npcs
Updated skin pack and factions as well as new thinness property is now added to allow for thinner/chunkier factions.
Adjusted npc name rendering to make it smaller and work better with tiny and huge npcs. Also name rendering is now off by default.
Added ability for faction NPCs to ride any living entity and these to be defined in faction npc JSON
Added hobbit faction (by Mohawky)
Added vampire faction + skin updates (all by Mohawky)

Added skin settings nbt tag to the list that's retained for npcs in a spawner so that these get correct skin when spawned in.

Separated targeting lists into separate json file to thin down the factions_npc_defaults JSON. Also used the same for owned NPCs JSON.


Added new statue block that allows rendering entity models with custom transformations.
- at the moment only limited number of entities is available but will include many more in the future.

Changed so that players cannot sneak their way around chest protection in structures

Changed the refill frequency of traders to work even if the npc isn't in loaded chunks.
Changed trade GUI to not hide unavailable trades, but instead show a message when they will be available.
Small modifications to trade template handling
- template selection now has filter field for quick search in long lists
- the list of templates being selected from is ordered
- saving template now displays a message that save happened
- ESC on save template gui gets user back to previous screen and retains the trades that were just saved instead of exiting gui completely and dropping the trades
- Pretty printing the trade list json file

Changed survival structure builder block to clear from top down and added a message that informs player of clearing progress in addition to informing of building progress as it did so far.

Added marking closest enemy for a brief time when player tries to open chest in structure that hasn't been conquered yet.

Changed tree farm so that it first plants before it tries to bonemeal anything.

Added Rustic Fertile Soil compatibility (thanks ThatPolishKid99)

Changed quarry to mine blocks by chunks, it will now also only load maximum of two chunks - one in which it is placed and the one that it is mining at the moment.

Made spawner block not connect to fences/walls.

Made loot chest placer gui smaller to fit on screen better.

Added rotation handling for big mushroom blocks in structure code.

Changed to fire updates from redstone blocks only after structure is done building - prevents blocks like parts of doors popping off if they are next to them.


All structure info is now sent when player logs into the world should… …
… fix issues with players not getting message when trying to open chests

Fixed drop logic so that it uses the drop chances for equipment - faction NPCs now drop their equipment as often as vanilla skeleton drop their bows.
Fixed NPCs getting damaged from endless falling when they get stuck in blocks
Added missing manual image
Fixed bounding box of restored templates in scanner block, fixes what blocks and entities are cleared as well.
Restricted skin name to 100 characters to prevent crashes on entity spawn.
Fixed coffin lighting issue

Small update so that incorrect trades in trade templates just get dropped rather than none of the templates loading at all.

Fixed scanning loot basket to not trigger the loot code as part of the scan.
Fixed loading loot settings for Urns.
Fixed issue with saving scanned loot blocks


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