Ancient Warfare 2

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Filename ancientwarfare-1.12.2-2.4.14.jar
Uploaded by P3pp3rF1y
Uploaded Nov 30, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 10.37 MB
Downloads 4,422
MD5 d5845f3212a24439383592f8e84b8ed1
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Fixed crash when quarry mines empty flower pot. Also fixes other possible issues where blocks return empty stacks in their drops.
Improved rendering speeds of torque stuff (Switched animated baked models over to Fast TESRs and got rid of a lot of model faces that couldn't be seen)
Made NPCs only pickup armor by default and only in case they already have sword to change this one for a better one they just found on ground.
Fixed rotation of junction and distributor parts to match connected torque pieces.
Added creeper to exclusion config to stop it from being hostile to npcs (and in turn these trying to kill creepers)
Made all the combat NPCs not care about sleeping and rain
Added code to actually keep track of needed resources in drafting station after world reload. Previously would just display no remaining and allow completing structure builder without using anything.

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