Ancient Guns

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If you remember that old guns mod, well...

Let's say that this is just a Rip-off for 1.14.4, 1.12.2, 1.15.2 and 1.16.4!

Welcome to Ancient Guns!

This mod will add a bunch of guns from the XV ~ first half of the XIX Century! Is what you need for recreating pirate boardings, Edo wars, Napoleonic Wars, Civil Wars and much, much more!

Here, your progression with the weapons is correlated with the dimension you have access currently, this being called "stage", recognizable for the type of its mechanism. Every "stage" has its pistol, rifle, blunderbuss, unique durability (That, unlike other mods, its determined by a random chance of breaking after a shot) and a special weapon, unique to that "stage". Take in consideration that Pistols and Rifles need Bullets and blunderbusses need Blunderbuss Sharpnel, this one craftable with gravel surrounded by 8 iron nuggets.



  • The Matchlock guns will be your first allies and stage. Can be crafted with just Overworld elements like Iron, wood, string, gold, and stone. Its special gun is the Hand Cannon, a gun that maybe doesn't shoot far, but its projectile explodes on impact, destroying terrain like a Ghast fireball. This stage has a designed durability of a 2% chance of breaking after a shot.


  • The Flintlock guns are your second stage, avaible once you reach the Nether Fortress. This because its mechanism requires steel to be made, and steel can only be made (in this mod) with iron nuggets, coal/charcoal and Fire Charges. As addon, Fulminant and thus the Primer (a block really sensitive to naked punchs and redstone signals) become avaible. Its special weapon is a Flintlock Pepperbox, a 3-shots flintlock pistol. The flintlock's designed durability is a 1.4% chance of breaking after a shot.


  • At last, Caplock weaponary is the third and last stage. As you have guessed already, it become craftable when you reach the End. And actually, just when you reach the End cities, because the Caplock cone, a crucial part of the Caplock Mechanism, can only be crafted with gold, steel and an End Rod. Its special weapon is the Caplock Double Barrel Shotgun, a pretty self-explainatory gun (With the chance of breaking of a Flintlock Weapon). The designed durability of this stage is a 0.9% chance of breaking after a shot. As addon, this stage is the only one that its weapons doesn't get wet under the rain or the water.


Steel blasting:

For making steel in the 1.14.4, 1.15.2 and 1.16.4 versions, you craft 3 Steel Slags with 5 iron nuggets, 3 fire charges and an unit of Coal/Charcoal, that you must put in a blast furnace in order to turn them into Steel Nuggies (Taking twice the time it would require with any other thing). In the 1.12.2 is the same, but in a regular furnace at twice the time of a normal thing.



And for reloading it you must use a crafting recipe, where you put the gun, gunpowder and a ramrod for charging them (They still cannot shot yet!).

And later the projectile, the gun and a paper in your crafting grid for getting a loaded gun. The Flintlock guns are ready at this point. The caplocks require a cap previously. The Matchlock ones needs a torch and a string in order to be ready. You can get your torch and string back with a ~50% and ~38% respectively!


Be careful!

 The guns, when you held them underwater or in the rain, they get wet and useless!

For drying them, you must:


-In the 1.14.4+ versions, right-click them on a Dry Sponge, put them on a Campfire, cook them in a Furnace, or hold them in the Nether or in the Lava.

-In the 1.12.2 version, right-click them on a Dry Sponge, cook them in a Furnace or hold them in the Nether or in the Lava.


About using it in you modpack... Go ahead! I really want this mod be part of one. (I only can hope for you to let me know where you will use it.)

Just take in account that it needs Forge for woking.


About going crazy and make profit with it...
Who am I for prevent it?


(PD: Here are a Discord Server for staying at the top with the advancements, voting on surveys for deciding on changes on the mod and make suggestions (or report bugs)!



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