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Underground ore generation with extensive configuration.


Please read all the description to know what you are downloading


Tired of those boring blocks "iron ore", "copper ore", "tin ore" ? Tired of having 5 different kinds of "copper ore" spawning in your world ? Then Almost all the Ores is what you need ! This mod, taking inspiration from real life minerals, adds differents blocks for getting a given metal. Example: you can get iron from several ores, including hematite, magnetite, limonite and siderite. Smelt any of those to get iron ingots.

This mod has an option to override underground ore generation, meaning that only ores from this mod can spawn if you activate this option (enabled by default). But don't worry, this mod adds almost all the ores (as its name can suggest it) so you should not need underground ore gen from other mods.





Sulfur (Pyrite, Native sulfur)

Nitrogen and Phosphorus (Guano, Phosphorite)

Coal (Peat, Lignite, Bituminous coal, Anthracite)

Iron (Magnetite, Hematite, Limonite, Siderite)

Arsenic (Löllingite, Realgar, Orpiment, Arsenopyrite)

Antimony (Stibnite)

Germanium (Germanite, Argutite)

Bismuth (Bismuthinite, Native bismuth, Bismite)

Tin (Cassiterite, Teallite, Stannite, Native tin, Kësterite)

Lead (Galena, Cerussite, Anglesite, Boulangerite, Pyromorphite)

Aluminum (Bauxite, Nepheline, Leucite)

Zinc (Sphalerite, Smithsonite, Hemimorphite, Franklinite, Zincite, Hydrozincite)

Cadmium (Otavite, Greenockite)

Mercury (Cinnabar)

Copper (too many minerals...)

Silver (Native silver, Acanthite, Stephanite, Proustite, Freibergite)

Nickel (Nickeline, Pentlandite, Népouite, Milleeriteeee, Gersdorfitte)



Cobalt (Cobaltite, Carrolite, Skutterudite)





Manganese (too many minerals...)

Chromium (Chromite)

Molybdenum (Molybdenite, Wulfenite)

Tungsten (Scheelite, Ferberite, Hübnerite)

Vanadium (Vanadinite, Descloizite)

Niobium (Columbite)

Tantalum (tantalite)

Titanium (Rutile, Ilmenite, Anatase, Brookite, Titanite, Zircon)

Zirconium (Zircon)

Thorium (Thorite)

Uranium (Carnotite, Uraninite)

Magnesium (Magnesite, Kieserite, Brucite)

Calcium (Anhydrite)

Strontium (Strontianite, Celestine)

Lithium (Plylithionite, Petalite)

Potassium (Carnallite, Sylvite, Polyhalite, Kainite, Langbeinite)


Limestone (Calcite)




Salt (Halite)

Saltpeter (Nitratine)

Mithril (Mithril ore)


Gems :




There is also a few nether ores:

Nether gold ore

Nether coal ore

Nether mithril ore

Sulfur is also much more common in that dimension than in the overworld.


The only recipes added by this mod are:

Gunpowder from sulfur dust, saltpeter and charcoal.

Fertilizer from guano, phosphorite and any potassium ore.

Anthracite block, made from 9 anthracite pieces, can smelt 100 items.

Of course the torch recipe is also modified, to be able to make torches with lignite, bituminous coal and anthracite (replacements for minecraft "coal").


Some ores only spawn or are more common in specific biomes. For example, nitratine (Saltpeter ore) only spawns in very dry biomes (where downfall is <0.25). In very humid biomes (like Swamps), there are large peat veins. I think these two are the most important to know. See wiki for more details.


There is a tooltip to help you not getting lost with all these ores:


Tooltip help



Extensive config file (around 2500 lines): everything can be activated/deactivated and spawning rate (veins per chunk and vein size), and height (min/max) can also be configured for all ores.

There is also a few config entries which enable all minerals related to a metal, for example: you probably don't want to enable the 11 different copper ores manually, so there is a enableCopperOres option which will enable all of them for you, making your life a whole lot easier. If you modify the config file while the game is running, be sure to restart it to apply changes (ores generation setup is made at startup).

You can also configure spawning of vanilla things like diorite, granite, underground dirt pockets...


Only these features are activated by default: replacements of vanilla iron and coal, sulfur, saltpeter, salt, fertilizer ores, nether gold and coal.


This mod adds a lot of underground ores, but please note that it does not add recipes for most of them. If you want to have a fancy mithril armor, a topaz pickaxe, or anything like that, you will need a mod that adds those recipes. Every ore added is properly registered under the matching tag section of forge (sucessor of ore dictionnary), so it should automatically support any mod that uses tags in their recipes. Again, please do not complain because copper ores do not give anything when put in a furnace, it's normal. This mod adds neither ingots nor tools. You will need another mod for that, like Tinkers Construct (before you ask, 1.14 is not released yet, but whenever it is released), or an addon for gem tools (see below). Of course ores that give vanilla materials (like iron ores: hematite, limonite...) work without any other mods.

I made an addon for this mod: Tools for AatO Gems, it adds a few tools for some gems of Almost all the Ores (Sapphire, Ruby, Spinel, Amethyst, Jade, Peridot, Topaz, Tanzanite, Onyx, Opal).

Automation feature, if any of the following mods are loaded, Almost all the Ores will automatically enable appropriate materials generation:

-Tinkers' Construct (1.14 is not released yet)

-Tools for AatO Gems

-Extra Gems


If you want detection and auto activation of relevant ores at startup for your favorite mod, just ask me and I'll add it.


Stone Age feature (in and above)

Disabled by default. Activate it in the configuration file (requires restart).

If you don't like having iron on day one and if you like the early game phase when you can only make stone tools, this option is for you. It disables the smelting recipes for iron ores, to make you have to build a refiner. Then, once you have a refiner, you can make refined iron ore which you can use in furnaces to make iron ingots. You can also use it with other mods, as it is registered as iron ore in forge item tags.

I recommend using JEI to learn how to make the refiner, as this machine has several parts that can't be guessed by randomly placing materials on a crafting table. You can find more information about this feature and what it adds on the wiki.



This mod is intended for use as a base to add ores for other mods. Mod developpers, feel free to make mods using all ores and gems added by this mod :)



Resource packs


I highly recommend using higher resolution ressource packs, because the default x16 textures are not that good (I am no artist...).


x128 resource pack

x32 resource pack


If you find anything weird within the mod, please let me know. Use the issue tracker rather than the comment section.

If you have any suggestions, you can post a comment, PM me or use github (preferred).


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