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Filename AgriCraft-2.12.0-1.12.0-a6.jar
Uploaded by RlonRyan
Uploaded Aug 27, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.29 MB
Downloads 4,577,465
MD5 91f05bba8a633439a4518b57413ba835
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- FIXED: Id conflicts, by adding mod domain to front of all plant ids.
- FIXED: Id conflict with Pam's Harvestcraft Beet plant and Vanilla Beet plant [#1092].
- FIXED: Weed item drop setting in config not behaving in expected manner [#1133].
- FIXED: Analyzed seeds not stacking properly in some cases [#1037].
- ADDED: Ars Magica 2 JSON files. Thanks @Baux12!
- ADDED: Missing custom ore type plants, like Plombean, niccissus, and petinia [#1168].
- ADDED: Support for custom "oredict" prefix in JSON files to resolve things like "oredict:oreCopper".
- FIXED: Removed old configuration settings relating to removed world generation features [#1146].
- FIXED: Crash associated with draining AgriCraft Tanks [#1167].
- FIXED: Fences connecting to crops [#1123].
- ADDED: Botania Horn of the Wild crop harvesting support [#1145].

- FIXED: Tanks crashing game when filling up with rainwater [#1128].
- FIXED: AgriCraft computer perhipheral crashing game [#1141].
- FIXED: Bad import in IAgriSoil interface that was causing crashes [#1152].
- FIXED: ActuallyAdditions integration being out-of-date [#1155].

- FIXED: Tooltips not displaying in AgriCraft GUIs [#1108].
- FIXED: TOP integration not localizing text properly [#1114].
- FIXED: Tanks don't fill with magic sky water (prestidigitation) [#1119].
- FIXED: Weed raking drop config setting being ignored [#1110].
- FIXED: Sprinklers popping off when they shouldn't be [#1116].
- FIXED: Sprinklers not connecting properly to channels [#1113].
- FIXED: Sprinkler bounds incorrect.
- FIXED: Sprinklers breaking rendering of water.
- FIXED: Incorrect channel valve bounds.
- FIXED: Sprinklers not rendering water droplets correctly (thanks to OpenMods).
- FXIED: GUI system rendering oddities.

- FIXED: Irrigation system. Irrigation components should now properly transfer fluids.
- FIXED: Seed drops. Seeds should now be dropped with the correct NBT tags.
- FIXED: Crops not breaking when supporting block is broken.
- FIXED: Breaking supporting block sometimes caused a crash.

- FIXED: Maven versions being out-of-date.

- FIXED: Crash preventing servers from launching.
- FIXED: Seed Analyzers merging ItemStacks improperly.

- PORTED: Ported to version 1.12 of Minecraft
- FIXED: Memory churn caused by AgriCraft item models. The garbage collector should kick in less frequently now.
- ADDED: Actually Additions Farmer support.
- FIXED: The mess that was CustomWoodRecipes is now a very nice system using 1.12's JSON recipe files.
- FIXED: Grates not placing properly. Grates now place in the proper location with the proper orientation.
- FIXED: Crops consuming seeds planted in creative mode.
- FIXED: Clippings not planting in crop instance.
- ADDED: OpenComputers 1.12 support. I.e. added back in the peripheral block.
- FIXED: Shift-clicking items from Seed Analyzers overwrites first inventory slot.
- ADDED: IAgriPeripheralMethod to API, allowing for the registration of custom method extensions to the peripheral.

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