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Filename agricraft-2.0.0-0.11.0-a21.jar
Uploaded by CodesCubesAndCrashes
Uploaded Oct 28, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 1.26 MB
Downloads 440,579
MD5 4f5e557269d4446634e236332a05c801
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions



  • FIXED: AgriCraft nuggets would not get registered in the ore dictionary on multiplayer servers.
  • FIXED: Quartz nuggets used the wrong ore dictionary name.
  • REMOVED: Recipe that turns ingots into nuggets. Unneeded and could cause conflicts.
  • ADDED: Better logging messages for nuggets.
  • ADDED: A new issue template on GitHub. It should appear on the submission page.
  • TWEAK: When regular spreading (not onto a cross crop), the chance is checked individually per direction.
  • FIXED: Before spreading, check that the soil below the destination single crop is valid for this plant.
  • FIXED: Sprinklers should search for pipes above, not below themselves.
  • ADDED: Support for WAILA and TOP to display information about sprinklers.
  • FIXED: Sprinkler water buffer wasn't getting saved to NBT.
  • FIXED: Sprinklers used fixed settings instead of the ones in the settings.
  • FIXED: Sprinklers now correctly target the cuboid immediately below themselves.
  • TWEAK: Sprinklers are more server-friendly and realistic.
  • FIXED: Bonemeal getting consumed wastefully when fertilizer mutations were turned off.
  • TWEAK: Fertilizers now wrap the update logic, instead of reimplementing it. Makes things more consistent.
  • ADDED: The AgriCraft crop block now properly implements the IGrowable interface.
  • ADDED: New config setting to enable the IGrowable interface. On by default.
  • ADDED: The debugger item has a new mode that tests and reports on blocks that are IGrowable.
  • ADDED: Mini bonemeal particle effect when using bonemeal on AgriCraft crop sticks.
  • FIXED: The ItemCrop was blocking right clicks on the tops of items.
  • ADDED: Crop sticks are now placed relative to the face that was clicked on.
  • ADDED: Check for null player in ItemCrop, should avoid crashes when used by machines.
  • FIXED: Plants that required multiple specific blocks nearby would be satisfied by having one.
  • ADDED: JSONs for Agricural Expansion mod. (Thank you Zackeezy!)
  • FIXED: Seed item ids in JSONs for HarvestCraft. (Thank you TokkenGmr!)
  • FIXED: Ids in JSONs for vanilla tulips. (Thank you Dilnu!)
  • FIXED: Diamahlia JSON should not allow bonemeal.
  • FIXED: Resource plants use agri_nugget instead of ingots, diamonds, emeralds, and quartz.
  • TWEAK: Mushrooms, cactus, carrots, and sugarcanes are now accepted as seeds in vanilla JSONs.
  • REMOVED: Duplicate vanilla mushroom JSONs.
  • FIXED: The Magnifying Glass's reported brightness should be affected by time of day.
  • FIXED: Crops should not drop seeds when harvesting the plant on them.


  • FIXED: Growth progress should be reset if a plant is removed.
  • FIXED: Invalid parents shouldn't be ignored when spreading to cross crops.
  • FIXED: The setting for "Other Crops Affect Stats Negatively" would calculate them incorrectly in most situations, preventing normal stat growth.
  • FIXED: Trowels shouldn't be able to interact with cross crops.
  • FIXED: A crop stick should not spawn if removing the cross crop fails.
  • FIXED: Spread chance calculations were backwards.
  • FIXED: GUIs (such as the seed analyzer) were updated to be compatible with InfinityLib 0.11.
  • FIXED: The harvest product amount should vary from min to max.
  • FIXED: Seed analysis progress shouldn't get reset by removing the journal.
  • ADDED: Already analyzed seeds will update the journal when inserted.

Older logs

- FIXED: Seeds not being consumed when planted on crops, effectively duplicating them.
- FIXED: Issue that prevented mutations from occurring.
- ADDED: New debugger mode for debugging block ranges. This proves that block ranges work properly. As a side effect plant requirements might have been fixed.
- ADDED: New member on development team.
- FIXED: Crash caused by bug in ForgeGradle obfuscation code. See for more information on why this wasn't my fault.
- FIXED: BlockRange iterator not working correctly.
- FIXED: Crash caused by setting plant product max to equal plant product min.
- FIXED: Peripheral rendering. (Still WIP).
- FIXED: Crashed caused by having ComputerCraft installed.
- FIXED: Crafting crash caused by disabling irrigation channels.
- FIXED: Crash at server start caused by FML's @SideOnly ASM not working properly for static in-line declarations.
- FIXED: Some compilation warnings.
- FIXED: Crash at server start caused by null plant product.


- FIXED: Minor issues with Mystical Agriculture plants.
- ADDED: Additional Magical Agriculture plants.
- FIXED: Debug logging filter not working.
- FIXED: Bugs? (Lots of stuff changed in the API refactor)?
- FIXED: Crash caused by breaking water pads.
- TWEAK: Major API refactor in attempt to increase stability.
- FIXED: Crash caused by attempting to disable AgriCraft sounds (note this is a "fix").
- FIXED: Magical Agriculture plants spawning magically.


- FIXED: Tank bottoms would render at incorrect times.
- FIXED: Water in water pads was opaque instead of transparent.
- FIXED: Grate vine interaction handler prevented placement of vines anywhere in the world.
- FIXED: Crash caused by placing vines on grate.
- FIXED: Disable vanilla farming option acting too agressively against usage of seeds.
- FIXED: Plants + Magnifying Glass determining incorrect world light levels.
- FIXED: Update tracker using wrong URL.
- FIXED: Very unintelligent error in code that limited block requirements to only one block.
- TWEAK: Unified irrigation component connection properties.
- FIXED: Channel selection bounds.
- FIXED: Disabling vanilla farming disabled all farming.
- FIXED: Plants with no products would drop a null ItemStack.
- FIXED: Crops dropping crop sticks when raked.
- ADDED: Sneaking while placing crops places cross-crops instead.
- FIXED: Weed overtake code calculated strength backwards. Thanks @CodeCubesAndCrashes!
- ADDED: TheOneProbe integration.
- FIXED: Non-standard harvestcraft plant ids. Notice this will cause plant loss, but will not occur again.
- FIXED: Mysticalagriculture plants mystically spawning in crops.
- FIXED: Rare seed analyzer crash.
- TWEAK: Modified custom wood recipes, possibly fixing several crafting issues.
- ADDED: Debug option to show OreDict information in item tooltips.
- FIXED: Loading error that caused NPE to be thrown and crash the game.


- ADDED: Additional vanilla mutation JSON files.
- ADDED: JSON files for vanilla flowers.
- ADDED: JSON files for Mystical Agriculture plants.
- ADDED: Seed drop chance customization, allowing for specification of when the seed should be returned from the plant.
- REMOVED: Plant growth tiers, which weren't used extensively and mainly just complicated the code.
- FIXED: Seed analyzer issue where gui would attempt to render very large box, and freeze the game in the process.
- ADDED: Disabled vanilla planting warning.
- FIXED: Disable vanilla planting option in config not working properly.
- ADDED: Re-implemented water pads, for plants that like water.
- FIXED: Seed Analyzer item duplication exploit (Thanks @Moondream15!).
- FIXED: BlockRanges could go out of bounds, a very bad thing for them to do.
- ADDED: AgriConditions, replacing the old nearby and base blocks in the JSON files.
- ADDED: Sprinkler wip tooltip warning.
- ADDED: JSON filename warning, to hint at files that might be misnamed.
- FIXED: Crash at startup caused by setting mutation chance to 1.0.
- ADDED: Default Sugarcane mutation definition.
- FIXED: HarvestCraft coffee plant thinking it was a Starbuck's.


- ADDED: Updated French translation files.
- ADDED: Config option to remove links from alpha warning messages.
- ADDED: Upgraded JEI integration.
- FIXED: Comical item sizes.


- ADDED: Default Botania Files thanks to Alexandro Lara de Camargo!


- FIXED: Raking dropping fake items.
- FIXED: Raking lacking appropriate interface.
- FIXED: Cross-crops could be applied infinitely.
- ADDED: Trimmed-down translation files.
- ADDED: Alpha warning.
- ADDED: Temporary Village "Fix"


- FIXED: Quad caching issue causing massive memory leak.
- FIXED: Plants could be made to grow in cross-crops.
- FIXED: Grass seed drops.
- FIXED: Debug log spam showing up in non-debug log.
- ADDED: More lambda usage.
- FIXED: Possible areas of de-synchronization.


- FIXED: GUI glitches when highlighting items.
- FIXED: GUI's not being as optimal as possible.
- FIXED: Empty NBTTagCompounds being added to items with no tags.
- FIXED: Products not stacking.
- ADDED: Missing default JSON files for vanilla plants.
- FIXED: JSON synchronization system premature loading issue.
- FIXED: JEI duplicate seed interpreter registration.
- FIXED: Base blocks not supporting meta values (notice format is WIP).
- FIXED: Messy code in important classes.
- FIXED: Missing JavaDocs in certain classes.
- ADDED: Control over growth stat bonus on per-plant level.


- ADDED: Light level feature for magnifying glass.
- FIXED: Crops not consuming additional item to form cross-crops.
- ADDED: Null pointer check to try to root out the infernal issue #770.
- FIXED: Journal displaying seed name instead of plant name.
- FIXED: Default Potato plant unattainable.
- ADDED: Default Nether Wart & Beet plant JSON files.
- FIXED: Crash caused by spawning AgriCraft nuggets with invalid meta values.


- FIXED: Multiplayer JSON transfer. Json files will now transfer correctly from the server to the client.


- ADDED: Better mod JSON file loading, will not try to load files for missing mods.


- FIXED: InfinityLib dependency version insensitivity. (#799)
- FIXED: Tank rendering crash. (#809)
- FIXED: Crop rendering crash. (#804)


- ADDED: Seed item configurability, allows for meta-sensitive seeds.
- FIXED: Plants spawning on infertile soil.
- FIXED: Invalid texture message displaying {0} instead of invalid texture entry.
- FIXED: Render type 'cross' rendering as 'hash' instead.
- FIXED: Default melon texture is wheat.
- FIXED: Growth & Gain stats randomly switching places.
- FIXED: Crash caused by sprinklers and class casting.
- FIXED: Channel valve ignoring redstone control.
- FIXED: Villager bound null pointer exception.
- FIXED: Seeds not dropping from crops.
- UNKNOWN: Rendering null pointer exception Heisenbug.


- REMOVED: Custom Wood Fences.
- FIXED: Seed Duplication.
- FIXED: Nugget OreDict Registration.
- FIXED: Custom crops with base blocks not placing.
- FIXED: Crash caused by breaking soil under crops.
- FIXED: Crops fail to grow.
- FIXED: Crops fail to update properly.


- INFO: 2.0.0a5 alpha pre-release to select users.


- FIXED: Custom Wood Recipes!


- FIXED: Server initialization crash!
- FIXED: Jar naming scheme.
- FIXED: Excessive Jar size.


- ADDED: 1.10.2 Port
- ADDED: JSON Crops!


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