The Aether II

4,575,587 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.7.10   +2

The Highlands Continent

Aether II's first Update - The Highlands Update, is set in the expanded Highlands Continent, familiar and new terrain features as well as improved structures and cave generation all make the Aether's world feel more alive than ever.

New mobs!

Aether II features an expanded list of passive, neutral and hostile mobs. Each biome will be home to multiple unique creatures as well as regional variants of some common animals (including some nostalgic designs for the Forgotten Highlands)

New Weapons

We've begun introducing new combat mechanics specific to Aether II's weapons. Each new weapon deals one of the three new Damage Types, learn mob's strengths and weaknesses and choose the correct weapon for the fight

Deep Caves

Aether II now features large cave systems to make mining and exploration more engaging! Soon there will even be unique Cave Mobs that make spelunking more risky! The Deeper you go, the higher the risk but also the greater the reward.

Dungeons coming soon!

We have plans for three brand new Dungeons for Aether II's Highlands Update. We will begin implementing them some time in the near future!

Future plans for the Highlands Update

We're still in the early days of development, but by our 1.0.0 release version the mod will contain these features, including 3 Dungeons, Aether villages, heaps of loot and much more!