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AE2 Fluid Crafting

AE2 Fluid Crafting

Everybody loves AE2 autocrafting! When the need arises to procure a couple thousand 64k disks, there's no better solution than to make a crafting CPU do the work for you!

However, if you want to craft a couple thousand Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts, you're out of luck. These fancy-looking knockoff kinesis pipes are crafted by transposing half a bucket of Gelid Cryotheum into a frame. The problem here is that AE2 does not natively support fluids as first-class crafting ingredients and is thus unable to handle recipes with a quantity of fluid as an ingredient.

AE2 Fluid Crafting is a mod that offers an experimental solution: by treating fluids as items, it attempts to reconcile fluid ingredients with the existing item-based autocrafting algorithm. To learn more about the details of this system, check out the readme on GitHub!

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