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"Simple yet useful"-AlexisMachina


This is a mod that adds an Ender Satchel and an Ender Backpack, the special thing is that both inventories are linked to the player so if you lose one you can craft another and you get your stored items back.


Special features:

-Inventory link to the player(this link has nothing to do with the vanilla ender chest, this is my custom inventory link!)

-Configurable recipe hardness(so when you load the game/before you load the game if you want to change the recipe to hard[default is false] to true, the recipe will be more challenging to make)


Easy Recipes:




Hard Recipes:

Ender Satchel




Ender Backpack


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Massive thanks to artist YULIFE for taking the time to make all of the mods texture and the logo, he is really awesome, and to all the people who are listed as contributors for supporting me with the idea they are awesome as well!


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