Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename AoA3-3.5.3-1.16.5.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded Jun 30, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
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Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


* Fixed Oceanus Helmet and Achelos Helmet not having T3 stats. (Github suggestion #2647)
* Adjusted Clownimator's health threshold for its effect. (Github suggestion #2650)
* Fixed Soulstone Shovel not being restricted to natural blocks. (Github issue #2653)
* Moved Spaceking Armour to Visualent's drop table.
* Made Lunar Armour craftable.
* Allowed Mauls and Greatblades to be enchanted with Looting.
- Removed Tea from Treasure Box's loot table.
* Fixed Bone Horns not making sounds when used. (Github issue #2669)
* Rebalanced Axe stats across AoA.
* Fixed Distorting Artifact working inconsistently. (Github issue #2684)


* Fixed AoA dirt turning into vanilla dirt when growing AoA Saplings on it. (Github issue #2644)
* Changed Lunar Creation table into a workbench-equivalent that holds its items.
* Fixed dimensional grass randomly spreading to other dirts. (Github issue #2665)
* Fixed several blocks not dropping properly when silk touched. (Github issue #26a64)
* Changed Toxic Waste to be more similar to quicksand, and benefit from a shovel.
* Made Vile Stone drop from Toxic Waste.
* Gave Axes some more strength when breaking Tentacle blocks. (Github suggestion #1223)


* Fixed Toxic Lottoman & Store Keepers not spawning with their trades. (Github issue #2639)
* Fixed traders not spawning in other dimensions.
* Fixed Lelyetian Trader having a duplicate trade. (Github issue #2648)
* Fixed an incorrect trade for Naturalist. (Github issue #2649)
* Further reduced the price of banners from Undead Herald. (Github suggestion #2651)
* Fixed Tharafly not being classed as an Arthropod.
* Fixed Hunters not spawning naturally. (Github issue #2655)
* Fixed traders being blocked from restocking properly. (Github issue #2654)
* Fixed Web Reaper dealing an extra 13 damage. (Github issue #2663)
* Fixed several entities being able to go through portals when they shouldn't.
* Fixed Slimer dropping loot from the Abyss table. (Github issue #2682)
* Fixed Store Keeper's potion having the wrong colour. (Github issue #2680)
* Fixed Spikeback using the wrong model.


- Removed Hardcore mode :(. With Forge's config change after 1.12 & Mojang's move to datapacking, this is proving difficult to keep implemented properly. I may implement this in a different way in the future.
* Fixed the common config not syncing with the client.


* Fixed Kror Cave generating 1 block too high.
* Fixed Guardian Tower having a stray brick. (Github issue #2659)
* Fixed Enforcer Tower's loot chest not having loot. (Github issue #2661)
* Fixed an Iro Passage having some misplaced chests. (Github issue #2662)
* Fixed an Iromine tree being magic. (Github issue #2660)
* Changed Luxocron Dungeon's structure to not use Crystevia blocks.
* Fixed a ruined house decoration having double the chance of spawning.
* Fixed the Primordial Shrine generated wrongly still.


* Fixed Hazmat Helmet's recipe being wrong. (Github issue #2674)
+ Re-added recipes for precasian bones to Bonemeal. (Github issue #2675)


* Changed the name of L'Borean's root advancement. (Github suggestion #2667)
* Changed the name of Mysterium's root advancement.
* Changed the name of Runandor's root advancement.
* Fixed C.R.E.E.P having the wrong name ingame. (Github issue #2681)


* Fixed screen overlays not working.
* Fixed an issue where some scheduled tasks may fail such as Kror spawning.
* Reduced the drop rate of carved runes from various sources.
* Fixed some Thermal Expansion recipes not working properly.
* Stopped the experimental settings screen from showing when joining a world.
* Stopped the console from being spammed on startup with unknown recipe type messages.
* Fixed Crossbows not being held properly in third person.
* Fixed Abyss snowing. (Github issue #2658)
* Fixed Ambient Pixon not spawning in several places.
* Made Heart Stones, Anima Stones, and Bloodlusts spawn centered on the source. (Github suggestion #2668)
* Fixed expedition buffs still being granted if skills are disabled.
* Added Squids to L'Borean's spawn pools. (Github suggestion #390)
* Made AoA Portal blocks support the nether-enabled property in


* Changed Lunar Creation Table's texture.
* Changed Rosite Sword's texture.
* Changed Limonite Sword's texture.
* Changed Jade Sword's texture.
* Changed Amethyst Sword's texture.
* Changed Sapphire Sword's texture.